IoJ Speaks 2nd Time At FDA VRBPAC To Stop The Shots COVID-19 January 26, 2023


My Name is Dustin Bryce from Interest of and we have zero conflicts of interest.
This first slide shows why FDA has no reasonable belief the unproven intervention may be effective and why its not proven safe.

FDA has no choice but to revoke the EUA’s and stop the experimental shots today.

The FDA asked for 75 years to hide Pfizer trial data which showed 1223 confidential and proprietary deaths in the first 3 months. The same documents when court ordered not only showed piles of dead bodies from the Pfizer trial, but signals of enhanced disease and shows that enhanced disease is an identified potential risk, not in the EUA fact sheet. The phase 4 data shows death is common and the #6 effect after 30 days of taking Pfizer BioNTech
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The whole thing is not allowed under the WHO MEURI ethical framework which guides FDA.
On a strictly exceptional basis it may be ethically permissible to use an unproven intervention outside clinical trials BUT ONLY if the monitored emergency use meets the rigorous ethical criteria spelled out by the MEURI ethical framework, which the covid vaccine regimen does not meet the ethical criteria, thus making it mandatory to stop the shots.

A quote from the framework proves the EUA fact sheet omits what is required for informed consent, making the exceptional EUA completely prohibited. “A consent process for use of unproven clinical interventions that does not explicitly recognize the scientific community’s uncertainty about the risk–benefit ratio is not ethically appropriate.”

The FDA is not considering community engagement with experts who dissent and thats a big problem for the future regimen of the EUA’s.

We would like to read you verbatim: “Widespread use of unproven interventions outside clinical trials for preventive interventions should therefore be discouraged, as all harm related to the intervention will be iatrogenic

Iatrogenic means induced by a physician such as a complication resulting from treatment and it’s a real possibility.
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FDA’s omissions to explicitly recognize and inform the public about the scientific community’s uncertainty about the risk–benefit profile threatens the validity of informed consent and community engagement which are required under the ethical framework and make the COVID-19 NON vaccines prohibited.

This is a huge problem that is why the future of covid vaccines is PROHIBITED by ethical standards including Nuremberg Code. Let us remember, “unproven intervention” means Lack of sufficient evidence
and includes the terms “experimental”.

FDA is authorizing human experiments in a way that violates ethical boundaries and not adequately monitoring the potential risk of enhanced disease, which is why the EUA’s must be revoked immediately.
Community engagement is essential to establish and maintain trust and preserve social order.

Comment on our citizen petition. The evidence is in our petition and if you want to stop the shots- go to our amended citizens petition and comment! FDA-2022-P-2411 Share it far and wide

Notice: FDA promised us our amended citizen petition would be up for comment by the time we spoke but instead they decided to DENY it and thus CENSOR its contents from the public record, which is just part of why we are about to sue FDA. The contents of the amended citizen petition they refused must still be reviewed.

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