It Is Time To Hold WHO & States INTERNATIONALLY responsible to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!

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It's Our Right To Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!

Please Watch. You Need To Know This About Dangerous Covid [non]Vaccines!

CENSORED IN Croatia, Germany and !
The TRUTH They Do Not Want You To Hear!

“Again, I say there was no pandemic of an alleged, severe acute respiratory viral illness. We were lied to about that. At the other end of the crime, billions of people were injected with intentionally dangerous substances.” ~ Mike Yeadon

Aren't they safe and effective?

NO. There is evidence of intent to lie and harm!

Welcome to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW! We are filing a very important case for humanity, that involves a series of diplomatic and legal steps to invoke INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY of ALL “vaccine” regulators in the WHO Pre-qualification Program for their role in being involved in serious violations of the Costa Rica biomedical research and Medical Morality laws which include Nuremberg Code and give 8-10 years in jail for serious undue experimentation with a known deadly toxic biological agent.  All of this occurred with DoD and UN procurement loopholes that allow no testing for safety. Learn more below and visit our witness section to learn the facts from the experts. This website will continue to add more information and actions you can take as the process unfolds.

Toxic By Design & Known Deadly

The Experts Are Correct!
Death is COMMON.

Unethical & Absolutely Null Ab Initio

The non vaccine gene therapy is authorized in excess of statutorily granted authority and wholly unethical, thus PROHIBITED.

Toxic Biological Agent

The administering of the toxic biological agents are known to cause harm to the biological functioning of humans and death.

Violates International Practices

New evidence shows DNA contaminates in the vials and "hot lots" which prove the lack of good practices by inconsistent results.

FDA Director Peter Marks evil Testimony:

Laughing: "We try to be prepared but the Avalanche of VAERS reports was tremendous"

When confronted in a Citizen Petition by Interest of Justice, FDA, through Director Peter Marks, testified they "do not know" if the analyzed CDC & FDA data showing death is COMMON is their own data. It is an analysis of CDC and FDA public data. FDA shockingly never checked to ensure its not their data proving the #6 adverse effect after 30 days is DEATH and that death is a COMMON ADVERSE REACTION!!!!!

The #6 adverse reaction after 30 days of taking Pfizer BioNTech IS DEATH!!!

Analysis Of CDC & FDA Data Shows Covid Gene Therapy [non]Vaccines Are OFTEN DEADLY, in 1.29% of users with adverse reactions!


(FDA & CDC data analysis show 1.29% with reported reactions died)

Is there any hope to actually win? Yes!

Why this case is very different

We already did all the work to prove a prima facie case

IoJ is recognized by the WHO, FDA and HHS OGA as an interested and relevant stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response who’s mission is to protect the health and safety of the entire international community 

From 2020 until today we have filed a series of legal actions, winning 4 cases against Costa Rica's Health Minister

First Health Minister to go down for covid crimes is in Costa Rica. 

The prosecutor found the Health Minister lied under oath in 7 of our cases in Supreme Court about the safety of the phase 3 experiments!!!

Lockstep Lies

Under the WHO direction and control States and Public Private Partnerships are conspiring to disseminate disinformation for "vaccine uptake"

Censor Discussion

Rather than engage in discourse the WHO and health authorities have decided to "manage and censor information" that exposes their failures

Trust The Science?

The WHO and health authorities do not take responsibility for their failures and UN claims "We own the science and think everyone should know it"

Our expert Witnesses

Meet The Experts
Whistleblowers For Justice
and a Healthier Humanity

Listen to the experts. They are trying to warn that the covid non vaccines are not beneficial and can only cause harm for a wide variety of reasons. 

Sasha Latypova

Covid-19 products marketed as "vaccines" are inherently unsafe but not regulated because their true legal status is "EUA countermeasures under Public Health Emergency" and thus can never meet evidentiary standards for safety and efficacy applicable to properly regulated pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a PhD in Pathology and over 20 years of clinical experience. She is the Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity”

Dr. Mike Yeadon

IOJ's Chief Scientist Dr. Yeadon is heavily censored because he is over the target that this is an attack using PCR false positive results to pretend there is a covid pandemic in order to roll out unnecessary and toxic protocol and gene based [non] vaccines to kill people and lower population.

Norman Fenton

The risk to any healthy child of hospitalisation or death from covid is (and was) essentially zero In Jan 2022 the rare ‘covid death’ of a 7 year-old girl, Cassidy Baracka, in the USA was used as a warning to urge parents to vaccinate their children; but the death was not from covid at all – it was the direct result of a covid vaccination

Dr. Jancy Lindsay

Team found SV40 in vials. We the people 50-Recall the Shots, are a group of doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, COVID vaccine-injured, attorneys, activists, and pharma regulatory specialists who have gathered together to demand that the COVID genetic vaccines be pulled.

Aren't We exaggerating the dangers & excess deaths? NO!

Toxic By Design & Known Deadly

Death is common = Toxic biological agent


Government Experiment With Biological Agent

The State of Costa Rica (and many other States) are involved in human research with no informed consent under the guise of public health measures. We are formally challenging the State and their director and controller World Health Organization (WHO) for the psychological and medical experimentation called "covid health measures". We seek to annul many acts, declare the limits of the law and prosecute the criminal aspects. SDG 16 requires justice for humanity.

Fraud & Omissions of Serious Injuries in Pediatric Trial

The Pfizer pediatric trial had blatant misconduct by misclassifying 12 year old Maddie De Garay's serious injuries as mild. Big Pharma bullied and coerced our nations into secret contracts which allow serious undue experimentation with no informed consent. At the same time they forged alliances within WHO and States regulators to hide the known adverse reactions whilst advertising "safe and effective" for investigational products. The products are adulterated, unsafe for human consumption but very profitable with no real safety or efficacy oversight. Enough is enough.

Your Government & W.H.O. Are LYING To You!



Are The Health Authorities Lying To Us In Lockstep Globally?

The Lies Are Many & Errors Are Deadly

Mistakes were not made. The systemic supression of truth and disasterous policies being continued show a clear intent to gain consent through deception, disinformation, manipulation, coercion, threat and other illicit means of censorship, persecution and conspiracy to deprive rights on a global systemic scale that is unprecidented and must be prevented!

No Longer Experimental

LIE! The product is not past 3 phases or fully approved. In countries where it is not fully approved (most countries) it is still investigational, a word meaning experimental.

Does Not Affect Menstrual

LIE! After lying for almost 2 years the regulatory agencies finally recognize menstrual issues.

Leaves The Body In Hours

LIE! Absolutely does NOT leave the body in hours as promised, it lingers for months to no end!

Safe and Effective

LIE! FDA's website explains investigational drugs and vaccines are not found by FDA to be safe or effective and furthermore may cause serious side effects. The fact sheet omits these facts.

Does Not Affect DNA

LIE! The regulatory agencies and Big Pharma are still covering up known DNA integration issues

Stays Put In The Arm

LIE! WHO & regulatory agencies lied it stays in the arm and hiding studies it distributes all over which they KNEW from bio-distribution studies!

The FDA intentionally hid 12 year old Maddie DeGaray's trial hospitalizations when Pediatric Pfizer was authorized!


Please watch and share this very, very important video about 12 year old Maddie DeGaray's serious injuries being lied about in the Pfizer trial to downplay the risk and get it on the market.

Public Health Requires Justice To Be Valid!

WHO Staff and the organization itself is NOT sovereign immune from suit if responsible for violations of international human rights law.  All regulators such as FDA, CDC, EMA and MHRA are also not immune from responsibility.  Global problems require global solutions. Start nationally.

 Is the State following spurious WHO definitions of vaccine to take power not conferred by law, and in doing so violating Nuremberg Code by experimenting on humans with a non vaccine biological agent without informed consent? Let them have their legal DoD OTA (Other Transactional Authority) loopholes which we will nullify. We will rise up to a higher plane and crush them on our own turf of natural law.  We will invoke the international law of RESPONSIBILITY.  Watch us pull this off because it’s the RIGHT legal remedy. We have the right legal strategy and record needed for humanity to win & we are taking the right steps at each turn.  Public Health law must ALWAYS put human rights first!  Its our job to hold them to it.

Learn the issues

What are the verified problems with covid "vaccines"?

There are many issues but it is critical to understand that the product was recently found to have SV40 DNA sequence plasmids, a known cancer promoter.  Furthermore, it is not a vaccine, it is a gene or cell therapy which carries extra long term risks than a vaccine by affecting DNA.  Health Ministries lie when they testify the product is safe and effective to save lives. 

The Countries rely on the false presumptions that the WHO’s pre-qualification program and all research is in compliance with ethics oversight committees and International Research Standards, which is not true. There is NO OVERSIGHT within the WHO-EMA-FDA experimentation racket!

It's Our Right To Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!

This is The Great Reset Of Rule Of Law. We are going to restore law and take the power back. Join us and support this absolutely critical mission for humanity.  We can and will win this because we will not stop until we Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!

  • SV40 DNA Sequence Cancer Promoter Found

    Pfizer knowingly concealed the inclusion of SV40 DNA plasmids, a known cancer promoter and ingredient that is banned in US after it was removed from Polio vaccines for being an unreasonable risk.

  • Not a Vaccine! Is A Dangerous Gene Therapy

    Pfizer may be guilty of fraud when they made the false claim that the covid-19 "vaccines" are "designed to act differently than a gene therapy, potentially resulting in a more favorable safety profile". Dr. Yeadon is testifying the product could only be designed to cause harm and it is an impossible claim made by Pfizer that it is designed differently than gene therapy, which has high risk.

  • No Ethics Board & Not In Compliance With International Norms Including Nuremberg Code!

    Under the DoD OTA authority the procurement for "prototype" (experiments) does not need to adhere to good manufacturing or good international practices and endangers health and safety of users. Most Comptrollers who authorized the purchases are unaware of this dangerous omission to conform to Good International Practices.

This case and series of legal filings and trials is organized by Interest of Justice (IoJ), the only International Civil Society Organization in the entire world which has a mandate to protect the health and safety of the entire international community in the context of public pandemic preparedness and response.  IoJ has done the work to go to the International Human Rights Court located here in Costa Rica and resolve many issues for the entire world under international human rights law.  Costa Rica is blessed to have a newly strengthened criminal Universal Jurisdiction system to host crimes against humanity and win!  

We’re going to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW and force the WHO and wrongdoer Pharma-State partnerships to their duty of reparations!

Plan For Global Justice!

Wondering what to do in your country to stop covid vaccines & prosecute the controllers? 

Support this MAIN CASE – which is a full lengthy case to stop the WHO recommended unethical covid vaccine biological agent experiments in all Countries. We are starting with this Costa Rica nullity and Nuremberg Code violations MAIN CASE (process of Knowledge) and expanding globally once we get a judgement. All of these cases are to exhaust all of the administrative remedies necessary to bring to the International Human Rights Court.  We can still stop the criminal application of the covid vaccine biological agents known to cause enormous harm and death. 

This Administrative Contentious and International Human Rights Law case will also lead to the inevitable criminal trial for crimes against humanity, which we can prosecute in Costa Rica’s Universal Jurisdiction court.  This will be a multi year process to prove criminal intent. We can win. IoJ has been working hard and with vigorous tenacity to hold all global leaders to account for the covid non vaccine errors and setting up humanity for success! 


Testimony from experts!

SV40 DNA Sequence Plasmids Cancer Promoter Found. Pfizer Intentionally Failed To Disclose The Ingredient!

Learn more about the important information from the whistleblower experts being censored by UN, WEF, WHO and States.

Play Video

Watch and learn about hydrogel and AI human augmentation technology found by Dr. Ana Mihalcea and other experts in the COVID-19 injections they call "vaccines"


Not a Vaccine by law!

Is too risky to use in masses!

False Advertising!

The World Health Organization Travel Certificates For mRNA Allow For Serious Undue Experimentation!

shining the light on the dark corners of W.H.O. & DoD Pre-Qualification Weaponized global public health Failure

Unethical Experimentation
No Informed Consent Censored Whistleblowers Death is COMMON Censored Victims Groups Many Conflicts Of Interest Death is COMMON Imbalance of Power Violations of Human Rights

ethics & human rights

We require ethical solutions to W.H.O. Harmful Pandemic Guidance

The International Human Rights Law is the only jurisdiction to recognize that sovereign immunity of International Organizations and States is no block to the duty of RESPONSIBILITY.  The international law of responsibility is in harmony with International Human Rights Law by require the waiving of immunity for serious breaches of international obligations owed to the world in order to ensure the duty of all States to cooperate to bring to an end the serious breaches and ensure they are prevented into the future.

What Does The Law Require?

Cessation and reparation for harm!

We are filing a very important case for humanity, that involves a series of diplomatic and legal steps to invoke INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY of ALL “vaccine” regulators in the WHO Pre-qualification Program for their role in being involved in serious violations of the Costa Rica biomedical research and Medical Morality laws which include Nuremberg Code and give 8-10 years in jail for serious undue experimentation.  Learn more below. This website will continue to add more information and actions you can take as the process unfolds.

Final Stop Covid Vaccines Now Hazard logo

We Allege Criminal Experimentation By
Disinformation, Deception, Coercion, Threat and Illicit Means

this is the great reset of rule of law

Humanity REQUIRES Solutions

Steps To Victory


Discovery and Information

Prove they are liars & prosecute them! Do this by asking as many questions under oath as possible to bust them in some lie to discredit their moral force and charade. After 2 year investigation Prosecutor agrees ex Costa Rica Health Minister lied in 7 cases under oath about ethics committees, in compliance with international norms including Nuremberg, safe and effective and lied about it not being human experimentation for research.

File the Necessary Lawsuits

One lawsuit will not work for so many plots with so many moving parts and so many levels of irregularities spanning civil, administrative, constitutional, International human rights law and even criminal. There will also need to be a series of administrative actions to exhaust all remedies to sue in the international court for human rights.

Be PERSISTENT and Relentless

Justice and freedom are not free. Every generation or two has to fight for it. We will fight with all the legal tools at our disposal, which are many, in order to prevail victorious against the Mengele Global Health Mafia. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW, prosecute the global health mafia and rebuild a new ethical health care system at all national levels that supports our health rather destroy it.

Stop Covid Vaccines Now is brought by Interest of Justice (IOJ).  IOJ is an officially recognized partner stakeholder with WHO, HHS, FDA.  We are the only international civil society organization dedicated to the defense of human rights, rule of law and strong institutions as well as to maintain the international security.  IOJ is a unique international civil society oversight body, operating our mission under the international customary law as well as right to participate and defend human rights.  

We exist because the governments are often unable or unwilling to monitor their own compliance with ethical and legal duties.  

Thank you for your support to Stop Covid Vaccines Now!

Make sure to visit and support our connected criminal action for Crimes Against Humanity & global terrorism!

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Article 386 Costa Rica Penal Code: Crimes Against Humanity - Universal Jurisdiction

Read How is Nuremberg Code Enforceable In Costa Rica?
The laws of Costa Rica look to be incredibly well written such that they readily encompass a huge crime of the nature of the one we are living in. First, we must impress upon the judge of the necessity to order removal from the “market” in CR of gene-based “c19” “vaccines”. In that event, it looks like a trial of crimes against humanity in CR would be indicated. Proving the impossibility of consent looks like a low bar to me. The combination of the harmful-by-design injections, examples of the predictable and predicted harms & thr demonstrable impossibility of consent (we’re not even told the contents of the injectables) looks well-articulated. What would happen if the judge ruled in favour of all these allegations is another matter entirely. That looks insuperable from here, but let’s see if we can get to that threshold anyway. Too easy to give up early, citing improbability of a useful ultimate goal. We’re not going to do that. I am no legal scholar so I make no other comment on the processes involved. Best wishes Mike Ps: if you feel inclined and able to make even a small donation, I’d be very grateful. These people are operating as pro bono as I am and like me, would actively get out of the way of receiving a penny,
Dr. Mike Yeadon
Former VP Pfizer, IOJ Chief Scientist