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We Allege Criminal Experimentation By
Disinformation, Deception, Coercion, Threat and Illicit Means

Listen to the experts. They are trying to warn that the covid non vaccines are not beneficial and can only cause harm for a wide variety of reasons. 

Sasha Latypova

Covid-19 products marketed as "vaccines" are inherently unsafe but not regulated because their true legal status is "EUA countermeasures under Public Health Emergency" and thus can never meet evidentiary standards for safety and efficacy applicable to properly regulated pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Jancy Lindsay

Team found SV40 in vials. We the people 50-Recall the Shots, are a group of doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, COVID vaccine-injured, attorneys, activists, and pharma regulatory specialists who have gathered together to demand that the COVID genetic vaccines be pulled.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

IOJ's Chief Scientist Dr. Yeadon is heavily censored because he is over the target that this is an attack using PCR false positive results to pretend there is a covid pandemic in order to roll out unnecessary and toxic protocol and gene based [non] vaccines to kill people and lower population.

Norman Fenton

The risk to any healthy child of hospitalisation or death from covid is (and was) essentially zero In Jan 2022 the rare ‘covid death’ of a 7 year-old girl, Cassidy Baracka, in the USA was used as a warning to urge parents to vaccinate their children; but the death was not from covid at all – it was the direct result of a covid vaccination

Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a PhD in Pathology and over 20 years of clinical experience. She is the Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity”

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It's Our Right To Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!

Wondering what to do in your country to stop covid vaccines & prosecute the controllers? 

If you want to make a difference but do not know how, you can support this MAIN CASE – which is a full lengthy case to stop the WHO recommended unethical covid vaccine biological agent experiments in all Countries. 

We are starting with this Costa Rica nullity and Nuremberg Code violations MAIN CASE (process of Knowledge) and expanding globally once we get a judgement. All of these cases are to exhaust all of the administrative remedies necessary to bring to the International Human Rights Court.  We can still stop the criminal application of the covid vaccine biological agents known to cause enormous harm and death. 

This Administrative Contentious and International Human Rights Law case will also lead to the inevitable criminal trial for crimes against humanity, which we can prosecute in Costa Rica’s Universal Jurisdiction court.  This will be a multi year process to prove criminal intent. We can win. IoJ has been working hard and with vigorous tenacity to hold all global leaders to account for the covid non vaccine errors and setting up humanity for success! 


Plan For Global Justice!

This case and series of legal filings and trials is organized by Interest of Justice (IoJ), the only International Civil Society Organization in the entire world which has a mandate to protect the health and safety of the entire international community in the context of public pandemic preparedness and response.  

IoJ has done the work to go to the International Human Rights Court and resolve many issues for the entire world under international human rights law.  

Costa Rica is also blessed to have a newly strengthened criminal Universal Jurisdiction system to host the global crimes against humanity trial and win!  

We’re going to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW and force the WHO and wrongdoer Pharma-State partnerships to their duty of reparations!

Your Government & W.H.O. Are LYING To You!



Are The Health Authorities Lying To Us In Lockstep Globally?

The Lies Are Many & Errors Are Deadly

Mistakes were not made. The systemic supression of truth and disasterous policies being continued show a clear intent to gain consent through deception, disinformation, manipulation, coercion, threat and other illicit means of censorship, persecution and conspiracy to deprive rights on a global systemic scale that is unprecidented and must be prevented!

FALSE: No Longer Experimental

LIE! The product is not past 3 phases or fully approved. In countries where it is not fully approved (most countries) it is still investigational, a word meaning experimental.

FALSE: Does Not Affect Menstrual

LIE! After lying for almost 2 years the regulatory agencies finally recognize menstrual issues.

FALSE: Leaves The Body In Hours

LIE! Absolutely does NOT leave the body in hours as promised, it lingers for months to no end!

FALSE: Safe and Effective

LIE! FDA's website explains investigational drugs and vaccines are not found by FDA to be safe or effective and furthermore may cause serious side effects. The fact sheet omits these facts.

FALSE: Does Not Affect DNA

LIE! The regulatory agencies and Big Pharma are still covering up known DNA integration issues

FALSE: Stays Put In The Arm

LIE! WHO & regulatory agencies lied it stays in the arm and hiding studies it distributes all over which they KNEW from bio-distribution studies!

What Does The Law Require?

Cessation and reparation for harm!

We are filing a very important case for humanity, that involves a series of diplomatic and legal steps to invoke INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY of ALL “vaccine” regulators in the WHO Pre-qualification Program for their role in being involved in serious violations of the Costa Rica biomedical research and Medical Morality laws which include Nuremberg Code and give 8-10 years in jail for serious undue experimentation. This website will continue to add more information and actions you can take as the process unfolds.