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Sign This Critical Action To Make WHO & Regulators Stop The Experimental Covid [non]Vaccines Off The Entire Global Market

Global Demand To Stop Covid Vaccines NOW! Tell FDA, EMA, UN Procurement and WHO to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW And Remove From The UN Global Marketplace!

Big Pharma, State Regulators & WHO are conspiring to lie to the public in order to disseminate profitable but dangerous experimental gene therapy on the Global Market. This Demand is the most important thing you can do to Stop Covid Vaccines NOW! It is being sent to UN Procurement, the WHO top officials and the regulators who authorize the poison. This is pre-lawsuit notice before we sue all regulators and WHO in the a huge global lawsuit for responsibility of cesstion and reparations.

Sign The Global Stop Covid Vaccines NOW Demand - TELL TOP REGULATORS, UN & WHO: NO MORE EXPERIMENTS!!!


We are a coalition of hundreds of CSO’s known as the Alliance for Ethical Governance for Future Generations. We comprise key constituencies and partner CSO members of WHO and HHS OGA, such as Interest of Justice, Free Speech Association, Global Scientific Integrity Task Force and the International Association Of Human Rights Defenders.

We are urgently calling upon you to reconsider your hard line stance on supporting and advocating for mRNA platform and global censorship for vaccine uptake programs. The application of the mRNA platforms, across the board, whether called a vaccine, gene therapy or otherwise, in healthy humans is shown by our expert scientists to integrate into DNA.

The Surgeon General of Florida Dr. Ladapo is calling for a halt and our Global Scientific Integrity Task Force is also forcefully demanding the global halt of the UN-WEF partners product - stakeholder Pfizer, AstraZenica and Moderna being distributed for the profit and commercial benefit of WHO’s top funders: Big Pharma and vaccine investors who profit off the policies recommended by the WHO in a great appearance of an unmitigated conflict of interest.  This is unacceptable and a serious breach of obligation to protect human rights and safety of people.

FDA is part of the WHO pre-qualification program along with EMA. Freedom of information requests show EMA and FDA were speaking of the fact the trial batches could never be the same as the manufactured version, that FDA Director Peter Marks was lobbied by Pfizer and rushed to market due to political pressure. The FDA, EMA and WHO prequalification and EUL program are regulators trusted by the world to develop safe and effective products but those same freedom of information acts reveal the regulators FDA and EMA asked WHO if they could discuss enormous death, negative efficacy by vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED) and pages of adverse effects in private by using the “mutual confidentiality agreements” allowed by WHO’s pre-qualification program.

The experiment is clearly being administered without informed consent of the dangers or experimental nature of the mRNA and viral vector gene therapy being mis-characterised as a vaccine.

Pfizers prototype [non]vaccine is shown to integrate into DNA in less than 6 hours, an un-rebutted scientific fact we have presented many times to WHO DG Tedros and the Chief Scientist as well as HHS OGA, FDA and to Health Ministries with no dispute.

It is outrageous, cruel and impermissible that Pfizers trial omitted the serious injuries of 12 year old Maddie DeGaray from being included in the alleged “totality of evidence” used by FDA to approve Corminarty and authorize BioNTech. This is research misconduct at its finest but no regulator cares which is shocking to the conscience.

It is unacceptable that FDA, EMA and WHO are aware of but fail to address the issue of DNA integration potentially creating an iatrogenic disaster, potentially and likely forever compromising the integrity of the human genome with novel interventions that are still in 3rd phase, which is experimental.

The WHO, regulators and Pfizer are all shockingly inactive, conspicuously not taking proactive action to delist the EUL, revoke the EUA or take any responsible actions required by ethics, research standards, and laws to prevent further distribution of the toxin.

It is imperative to take notice that Pfizer is a partner, funder and key part of WEF’s covid action platform (WHO, Wellcome & WEF), which bears full responsibility for facilitating, directing and controlling the agreements and manufacturing of these biological agent toxins. Responsibility under international law entails full cessation and full reparations.

We ask the WHO Executive Board et al to kindly put the issue of DNA integration on the agenda and publicly issue a statement addressing our scientific integrity dispute with WHO and HHS/FDA regarding good cause to halt the mRNA platform investments. Does the WHO Executive Board et al dispute our claims? If so please explain point by point how our claims are invalid.

We will prove in a hearing that there is concrete scientific proof showing human DNA is being affected by the experimental covid-19 vaccine mRNA and viral vector products in a way that may adversely affect the fate and genome of future generations, an impermissible ethical violation and biotechnology attack on the genome, heritage of humanity.

Our experts claims:

Dr. Janci Lindsay: Team found SV40 in vials. Her organization We the people 50-Recall the Shots, are a group of doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, COVID vaccine-injured, attorneys, activists, and pharma regulatory specialists who have gathered together to demand that the COVID genetic vaccines be pulled.

Dr. Michal Yeadon: IOJ\'s Chief Scientist Dr. Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer is heavily censored because he is over the target that this is an attack using PCR false positive results to pretend there is a covid pandemic in order to roll out unnecessary and toxic protocol and gene based [non] vaccines to kill people and lower population to meet the a UN \"Our Common Future\" goal of population control.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea: Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a PhD in Pathology and over 20 years of clinical experience. She will be presenting her evidence of the toxic lipid nano particles and shedding from the COVID-19 non Vaccines which create a common danger to people.

Professor Norman Fenton: Has analyzed the fraudulent numbers of the COVID mortality and the risk to any healthy child of hospitalisation or death from covid is (and was) essentially zero. In Jan 2022 the rare ‘covid death’ of a 7 year-old girl, Cassidy Baracka, in the USA was used as a warning to urge parents to vaccinate their children; but the death was not from covid at all – it was the direct result of a covid vaccination.

Sasha Latypova: who asserts that Covid-19 products marketed as \"vaccines\" are unsafe and inadequately regulated under their true legal status as \"EUA countermeasures\" which fails to materially discharge responsibility for the protection of the safety and welfare of people being experimented upon.

Further actions of applying the experimental covid-19 [non]vaccine prototype without properly giving informed consent of the experimental gene therapy nature as well as the possible risk of death, VAED\'s and negative efficacy may constitute knowing acts of serious undue experimentation which are criminal acts under Nuremberg Code, Rome Statute, Siracusa Principles and violations of applicable research laws, leading to State, private and international organizations responsibility.



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