Citizens’ inquiry releases final report on Canada’s COVID-19 response. Recommends Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!!! – November 28, 2023

The NCI is a citizen-led and citizen-funded public inquiry into the Covid-19 health-protection measures taken by all levels of government in Canada.

Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization Ottawa, Canada

In a virtual news conference, commissioners from the citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic present their final report.

Transcript from youtube (write us if corrections needed)

Commissioners for the record my name is Buckley initial S I’m attending this morning as agentfor the inquiry administrator The Honorable chess Crosby Mr Crosby is also in attendancethis morning Commissioners as lead councel for the national citizens inquiry I would like to make some opening remarks before you release your report today excuse me today is November28th 2023 this is a historic day we are making history never before have citizens banded together in such a formal comprehensive and fair way to inquire into the actions of their governments Commissioners you know that you are completely independent of theNCI Administration the inquiry rules permitted any interested party to intervene and participate in the process we issued summons after summons after summons to government officials inviting them to attend and participate that not a single government official chose to attend is now part of our historical record and their absence speaks loudly the national citizens inquiry is also unique in its scope we traveled across the country giving a voice toCanadians Across the Nation we heard the sworn testimony of305 Witnesses all questioned by lawyers and questioned by the Commissioners we have created thelargest and most robust bust record of the covid experience in the world and we did this in a climate of fear our proceedings began on March16th 2023 in truru Nova Scotia that is 8 and a half months ago and this thisleg has led us to forget how much fear the nation was in when we began our proceedings it’s been now long enough without without us being muzzled withmasks long enough without us being locked in our homes that we’re startingto feel a little bit nor normal but we would do ourselves a disservice as thisreport is released if we do not recall what came before and the context and the climateof fear in which the national citizens inquiry hearings tookplace beginning in the spring of 2020 we were plunged into a Culture ofFear which threw the entire nation into a panicmany believed that there was a dangerous virus that posed a mortal threat to themand their loved ones others saw the country become a police state there was public discourse about putting unvaccinatedCanadians into camps there was public discourse about criminalizing the refusal to take a medical treatment we were put under house arrest we were muzzled like animals with masks we were viciously divided into camps the vax and the unvexed we were censored we had our bank accountsFrozen I recently gave two lectures Commissioners in which I asked the audience put up your hand if at the height of the covid madness you honestly believed that the Army would be going door too dragging unvaccinated people out of their homes and forcibly jabbing them I wasasking roughly 850 people and these audiences would be mixed both vaxed and unvaxxed Commissioners almost every hand went up the country was under such a cloud of evil and darkness that a large number of Canadians believed that the Army would be used to forcefully vaccinate us we watched inhorror as masked police officers ERS and it is not okay for police officers to be masked against the Citizens for whichthey are to protect and serve and so for those officers who chose to to followorders and wear a mask I say shame onyou but we watched masked police officers dressed in black to beintimidating force of L dismantle the peaceful trucker protest I watched live stream on February 18th 2022 as a police horse trampled Roberta pson we all watched as our fellowCanadians locked arms to resist and chanted to each other hold the line as one by one the police pickedthem off and ared them and as we saw during some video at the nationalcitizens inquiry at times put the boots to those on theground we watched and we saw and weremember but for all those watching this I want you to remember that beautiful event because something beautiful happened there there was an example set for all of us to follow because we watched our fellowCanadians hold the line as long as they could and they’ve set for us a beautiful example to follow and we owe them and we owe the truckers a debt of gratitude because they bought us a period of Peace it was no accident that the following month in March of 2022 the provincial restrictions started to fall and most of the federal restrictions but for the travel advisory or travel restriction fell we owe them a debt of gratitude andit was that period of peace that they brought us that allowed the NCI to happen it was during this lull that we appeared on the screen now when we started there was an absolute climate of fear in the nation we had witness after witness after witness drop out because they were afraid to testify some were afraid of EconomicConsequences some were afraid of social consequences some were afraid of other consequences I was afraid to go in front of the camera we were in such a climate of fear and Commissioners you will remember when you went through the commissioner selection process and when we were preparing you to be independent and run the hearings that there were discussions about the fact that there may be repercussions for being a commissioner and there may yet be repercussions for being a commissioner it’s like we’ve been in the eye of the hurricane We Were In This Storm of this Co Madness and then thetruckers appeared and we’ve gotten this respite it’s like the hurricane moved over us and we were now in the eye but we’re starting to feel the winds again we’re starting to feel other winds blowing we know that the hurricane the storm is coming and that we face on certain times but this time this time it will be different for most of us because some things are certain Commission it is certain that we will hold the line as long as we can it is certain that a large number of Canadians will stand with us and hold the line something totally unexpected happened as we toured the land giving a voice to each other we learned that we are not alone we had felt isolated we felt afraid we learned that we are not alone we learned that we can overcome our fear we are going to feel fear going forward but we have been there we have done that and we understand that we can master and overcome ourfear and we learn that we can no longer sit still we can no longer sit on our couches and allow Canada to lose its freedoms we’ve already lostour freedoms we now have to work we need to participate we need to hold the lineto get our freedoms back and we have come to understand that so things are now very different and most importantly we came to understand that our God is with us we saw God used the national citizens inquiry to bring healing and to bring strength and we heard his voice calling us to return to him so that he can heal our land so this time will be very different and this entire exercise this entire inquiry should never have happened it was totally impossible and time and time and time again we were on the brink of disaster and collapse and God stepped inby bringing people forward to make this happen and we all understand everyonewho even just watched the hearings understand that we have beenallowed to participate in something much greater thanourselves and to all of you who participated and to you Commissioners I can honestly say that standing with youthrough this experience has been one of the most precious and honorable moments of my life and I am deeply grateful for being able to participate now Commissioners you are going to release your historic report you have made findings youve made positive recommendations the nation is going to be shocked by reading an independent report without a political agenda areport designed to help us get our freedoms back and become the nation thatwe want to be and we don’t know what will happen next we had the truckers write the first chapter of this story and they bought us a period of Peace a period of respite we had the national citizensinquiry WR the second chapter where we came came together and understood that we’re not alone and that we need tostand together the next chapter is up forthose watching to write it’s for those Canadians who understand now that theymust hold the line with us it’s it’s up to them to write this this next chapterand that’s the exciting part because together we will see how we move forwardand make Canada a loving peaceful and Free Nation once again soCommissioners on behalf of all Canadians it is my honor to invite you to release your report thank you Sean and good morning everyone my name’s Ken Dale I’m I’m the chairman of the Commissioners and we want to start off this morning as I’mgoing to provide an overview of the inquiry you know what was done how it was done what the intent was why the national citizens inquiry was required in the first place and then there will be time for each one of theCommissioners to provide their own statement concerning the report so having said that we the commissioners of the national citizens inquiry wish to express our heart felt gratitude for the tremendous honor and privilege of serving on this distinguished commission at this stage as the inquiry draws to a close we reflect upon The Incredible Journey we have taken together and the significant impact ourCollective efforts have had on the pursuit of truth justice and accountability the Commissioners have had a first and opportunity to travel Canada from coast to coast and meet some of the most extraordinary courageous citizens of Canada these Witnesses although aware of the potential consequences of their testimony bravely step forward and set an example for therest of Canadians throughout this arduous but profoundly important Pro process we have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most dedicated professionals experts and stakeholders their unwavering commitment to the ideals of transparency fairness and the pursuit of truth has been an inspiration to us all we are grateful for their valuable contributions for enriching our understanding of the complex issues at hand we extend our deepest appreciation to the individuals and organizations who courageously came forward to share their experiences expertise and perspectives their willingness to engage with the inquiry has been vital in uncovering the facts shedding light on critical matters and shaping the recommendations that will guide positive change in the future we also express our gratitude to The Wider public for their unwavering support and unwavering confidence in our work their expectations concerns and aspirations have serves as a constant reminder of the significance of our task and the responsibility entrusted tous we have endeavored to honor this trust by conducting a thorough impartial and diligent inquiry why was National citizens inquiry required Canada’s Federal provincial and municipal government responses to covid-19 were unprecedented the policy legal and health authority interventions into the lives of Canadians our families businesses communities were and were andto a great extent remain significant in particular these interventions have impacted the physical and mental health civil liberties fundamental freedoms jobs livelihoods and overall social and economic well-being of nearly allCanadians giving the enormity of these mandates and the resulting consequencesthese circumstances demanded a comprehensive transparent and objectiveNational inquiry into the appropriateness and efficacy of these interventions and to determine whatlessons can be learned for the Future No government has shown anappetite for a fullsome review of the measures implemented it is also questionable whether Municipal Federaland provincial governments would or could conduct a fair and unbiased reviewsimply because it is their own actions and responses to covid-19 which would be underinvestigation so a public inquiry can be an important mechanism for investigating and addressing significant issues ofpublic concern but only if that inquiry can be shown to be fair and without bias Canadians no longer believe that they can rely on their elected representatives or public institutions to provide an indepth fair and impartial evaluation of how governments handled and reacted to the covid-19 pandemic additionally media institutions whose traditional role was to question the actions of government and inform the people and in a fair and unbiased manner failed to question government actions and served instead to Simply repeat government and public health messaging without question at the same time those media institutions received significant funding from the federal government perhaps contributing to the redu to their reluctance to hold it or any other government to account The Only Solution in these unprecedented times was to form an independent citizen-led citizen funded and non-biased commission such as the national citizens inquiry to undertake this historical task the national citizens inquiry is paid for and operated by the citizens of Canada thenational citizens inquiry is not aligned with any political party the national citizens inquiry was deliberately structured so that the Commissioners were free of influence from any person or Source the national citizens inquir has received no funding from the government the national citizens inquire has received no large corporate funding we have received no funding from the pharmaceutical industry the national citizens inquiry is paid for and operated by citizens ofCanada the national citizens inquiry is not aligned with any political party nor does it have a political agenda exceptto represent the best interests of Canadians the Commissioners played acrucial role in ensuring fairness and minimizing bias we Commissioners were specifically selected from different Geographic areas across Canada the background trainingand expertise of the Commissioners is varied and represents different perspectives the overall objective of the national citizens inquiry into covid-19 response is to provide a comprehensive impartial and evidence-based assessment of the actions decision-making processes and result that resulted in the Canadian response to covid-19 the objective was achieved through the following activities examining the effectiveness of the response identifying strengths and weaknesses assessing decision-making processes examining the impact on public health evaluating communication and transparency holding accountable andrestoring trust and recommending improvements to achieve these objectivesthe national citizens inquiry created a framework to support the appointment of fourindependent Commissioners who undertook a dialogue with Canadians from coast to coast the dialogue took the form of aseries of hearings that took place in eight different cities and included 24days of witness testimony and over 300 sworn testimonies from a broad spectrumof Canadians public hearings were held in the following cities Truro Nova ScotiaToronto Ontario Winnipeg Manitoba Saskatoon Saskatchewan Red Deer AlbertaVancouver British Columbia Quebec City Quebec and Ottawaonario all eight hearings were recorded in their entirety recordings of each dayand individual recordings of each witness will be permanently archived and available for viewing on the NCI websitethat’s w ww National citizens French transcripts of thetestimony from each hearing will also be permanently archived and available on the NCI website an exhibit Ledger wasalso developed for materials entered as testimony by the witnesses at the hearings witness materials includedPowerPoints reports curriculum V photos and mediareports the national citizens inquir established an online application process that openly invited Canadians tooffer to testify at one of the hearings over 900 members of the publicapplied to testify 147 expert Witnesses applied or were nominated to providetestimony Witnesses were advised that they would only be able to testify underoath they may be subject to vigorous questioning and cross-examination their testimony wouldbe subject to strict time limits witness testimony was heard from both public layWitnesses and public expert Witnesses examples of public lay Witnessesincluded those who had disruptions in their lives or education of their children impaired mental health due toisolation business loss due to restrictions job loss due to vaccination mandates delayed or denied Health Careadverse reactions to the covid-19 genetic vaccines reputation when or Profprofessional discipline or censorship restricting restrictions of fundamental Liberties such as speechAssociation or travel examples of public expert Witnesses include the following doctors and scientists lawyers andpublic servants economic professors teachers risk management professionalsrepresentatives of Faith public policy experts Emergency Management professionals morticians Aviation safetyexperts occupational health and safy safety experts pharmacists Public Health experts policing experts journalists andpsychologists it must be clearly understood that although it has always been the attent of the Commissioners toinclude testimony from all sides of the debate no public authorities responsiblefor planning design or implementation of the pandemic measures elected to take part in thehearings testimony was invited from representatives of various levels of governments across Canadaand in order to facilitate schedules subpoenas were issued and government Witnesses were given the option oftestifying either in person or on video conference at any of the eight hearing locations or at any other agreeable time63 members of government regulators and authorities were subpoenaed to attend and testify not a single member of thegovernment appeared at the public hearings to testify the majority of these Representatives did did not eventake the time to respond to the commission the report has been preparedand written in plain conversational language so that all Canadians canclearly understand the meaning of the report as it is written the report isdirect and provides meaningful and practical recommendations based on testimony received from thewitnesses given the enormity and depth of the pandemic measures imposed onCanadians the Commissioners recognize that even a report of this magnitude cannot address every aspect of everyCanadian’s experience during the pandemic this report is the commissioner’s best attempt to start thecountry on a path of further investigation implementation of safeguards and healing that might takemore than a generation to achieve several steps were involved in the process of preparing the finalreport they included a review of The Evidence analysis and findings assessinglegal and ethical standards drafting the report we had a great deal of peerreview and we’ve included supporting documentation the Commissioners allreviewed the report and that brings us to where we are now at the publicrelease we point out to the listeners that the breadth and scope of the inquiry was massive and touched on manyaspects of the Canadian response to covid-19 pandemic due to time constraintspresented by this type of public hearing it is impossible to provide a detailed presentation of every aspect of thereport that in and of itself is over 600 pages in length but includingtranscripts of witness testimonies is somewhere in the range of 6,000 pages in length for this hearing theCommissioners have decided to present a short overview of their conclusions and recommendations in the report that theyfelt were the most urgent this is not to undermine the importance of all of theconclusions and recommendations they are all important and each May profoundly affect some segment of the Canadianpopulation that completes my summary of the uh commission itself and now I’mgoing to go on to my own personal commentary as acommissioner the impact of the recent hearings along with the extens of witnesstestimonies has been profound for those who participated or even observed a portion of the over 300recorded testimonies the experience has left an indelible mark on their livesmany of these testimonies were not only heartbreaking but also deeply shocking and at timeshorrifying over the course of 24 days these witness accounts collectively shed light on the transformation candada hasundergone in response to the pandemic the WID widespread acceptanceof stringent government lockdowns which would have previous be deemedinconceivable represents a remarkable shift within a mere three years the testimonies providedirrefutable evidence that an unprecedented assault had been waged against the citizens of Canada not sinceWorld War II has a nation experienced such a devastating attack on itspeople our investigation into the pandemic measures unveiled a troublingmix of huus ignorance arrogance fear anda shocking disregard for fundamental principles of Human Rights medical ethics and our long-standing Democraticand legal foundations this atmosphere persists to this day as demonstrated by the refusalof the government to undertake any kind of real investigation of what happened and the refusal of the governmentrepresentatives to participate in the National citizens inquiriesinvestigation numerous public and private institutions faltered allowing government intervention to infiltratethe very core of our nation institutions that have historically safeguarded the rights ofCanadians were compromised often becoming indistinguishable from the governmentitself the impact of these pandemic measures implemented by various governmental and non-governmentalagencies has inflicted deep wounds upon Canadians and CanadianSociety these agencies wielded unprecedented Powers over individualrights during the pandemic resulting in a profound damage to the fabric of our society and ournation As We Gather here today some government agencies continue topropagate misinformation pushing for more vaccine boosters and renewed masking mandates despite clear evidenceof their ineffectiveness and potential harm the government and other entitiesinvolved in these pandemic measures may wish for Canadians to move on and forget but we must not allow theseDraconian measures to become the new normal in the future our nation is in dire need ofhealing before embarking on the essential journey of personal and Collective healing we must confront theroot causes of this damage and take preventative and punitive measures against those who have imposed thesetyrannical measures Upon Our Nation failing to do so risks condemningfuture generations to unimaginable tyranny we acknowledge that publicapathy towards the erosion of fundamental institutions and beliefs had been a factor that enabled theimposition of these tyrannical measures special attention must be paidto the Sinister role that the public and private broadcasters played interrorizing the public and then merely acting as a mouthpiece of the governmentand they relentlessly pounded Canadians with 247 propaganda withoutquestion we have prepared specific recommendations concerning these institutionsbut the wholesale abandonment of long-held fundamental beliefs and even codified law was not the sole perview ofthe media many public and private bodies such as schools medical providersRegulators unions Justice and policing all failedCanadians these institutions and individuals must be held toaccount today as the commissioners of the national citizens inquiry we addressyou with a message of empowerment we urge you to recognize the immense powereach one of you holds to shape the destiny of our great nation the time has come to embrace ourCollective responsibility and take control of our government today we cancreate a s society that we can be proud to pass on to FutureGenerations we Canadians are collectively Awakening to the realization of the government’smagnitude of acts against us and we must ensure that the horrors of the pastthree years are never repeated it is up to each of us not our Representativesnot our political parties or others it is up to each of us each and every oneof us as Canadians Canada is a land of vastpotential bless with abundant resources diverse cultures and a tradition of compassion andinclusivity yet we stand at a critical junker juncture where both challenges and opportunities abound our lips may bebloodied and we may be shamed but we cannot turn away from the horrors of the past three years we cannot allow this to happen to our children and grandchildren the strength of a Nationlies within the determination and resolve of itself citizens and we encourage you to reflect on the societywe desire for our children one characterized by real Justiceequality sustainability and opportunities forall this Vision can only be realized when we actively engage in theDemocratic process that governs our land the power to affect change rests firmlyin our hands now is the time to demand transparency and accountability from ourelected officials to participate actively in the public discourse and to hold our government to the highest ofStandards we must remain Vigilant to ensure our voices are heard and ourconcerns addressed let us not underestimate the influence we possess as engaged andinformed citizens to create a society we all dream of we must come togetheracross all divides geographical social and ideolog iCal we must Embrace dialogue respectdiverse perspectives and find common ground in our shared aspirations for thefuture by fostering unity and understanding we can overcome the challenges that lie before us and builda brighter future we must reject and turn away from the hateful IDE IDE ideologies andpropaganda used to divide and control us our responsibility extends Beyondgovernments alone we must also critically examine our individual actions and how we inadvertentlyempowered the government to achieve these Horrors let us strive to be responsiblestewards of our country vigilantly protecting democratic practices that preserve our god-given rights andfreedoms let us Foster compassion empathy inclusivity of thought andsupport for those most vulnerable Among Us let us protect the rights andfreedoms of everyone let the words never again be heard on everylip in the face of adversity it is our duty as Citizens to remain hopefulresilient and committed to the principles that Define us as country we have a rich history of progress andInnovation and we can draw upon this Legacy to shape a future that reflects our values andaspirations together let us embrace the responsibility that comes withcitizenship let us engage in meaningful dialogue hold our governments accountable and actively participate inthe Democratic process let us be the change we used to see in oursociety with determination and unity we can create a Canada we are truly proudto pass on to our children a nation that embodies Justice equality and boundlessopportunities for all it cannot be business asusual the crimes perpetrated on every single one of us must be addressed andthe perpetrators at all levels need to be held to account for theiractions I wish to close my comment with this when people have asked me about thefuture now that the final report of the national citizens inquiry iscomplete I often find myself reflecting on both hope andskepticism I hope that our authorities will truly Embrace this report initiating the long and necessaryprocess of implementation and healing however my journey through these inquiries has left me with a soberingrealization a dwindling faith in our public institutions to consistently dowhat is right but those to those who inquire I saythis the report is not just document it is a testament to history itis a Chronicle of events presented to the best of our abilities free frombias we accompany it with critical recommendations for change yet in the end it is not thereport itself that wields the power of transformation it is the people of Canada who hold thatpotential this report along with his recommendation serves as a foundation aframework for changes that are urgently needed however it remains just atool lying dormant on a shelf or in a toolbox until people and in this casethousands or millions of people choose to wield that tool it is in the handsthat grasp this tool and the voices that rally around it and the collective will of the peoplethat can truly change the world so in closing let this report notbecome a relic of history but a catalyst for the future let it be a call toaction a symbol of unity and a source of inspiration it now in the hands of thecitizens of Canada to demand change to turn the pages of history and to shape abetter tomorrow the report is the beginning but the change the healing andthe trans formation that is a journey that all of us Canadians must embark ontogether thank you verymuch dear fellow Canadian to this formidable journey ofthe commission I would like I’ve learned a lot and it is a few lessons that I’ve learned that i’ like to share with youtoday I’ll start with an to Tru and integrity collectively we’ve beenplaying too much paying too much attent difference to our material comfort and nothing enough totruth accommodation with ADD truths Lies by Mission blatant lies or complacentSilence has created the culture in which the institution have gradually rottedfrom within the covid-19 crisis as revealthat our Western Society are on the slippery slope towardstotalitarianism that cannot happen without the consent and the active participation of theGovern we are all responsible for what’s happening one way oranother restoring a vibrant culture of accountability thriving on through isthe only way to rebuild the most important asset of a prosper andbenevolent Society trust trust cannot be demanded it has tobe earned by speaking through and acting withIntegrity one of the great gravest danger to democracy is the tyranny ofthe majority that has forgotten the primordial importance of Truth andLiberty grounded in the individual responsibility that cannot and shouldnot the Outsource to the administrative State unless a true safe space iscreated for the flourishment of new ideas freely challenged by rigorousscientific debates Society will eventually crumble inobsolesence when Society is in a constant state of Crisis one has toquestion the competence and or the motive of the ruling class including theadministrative States we have to protect as sacred thepath and the institution that have been used for centuries in the rigorousscientific process money and institution should not facilitate this processshould facilitate this process not subjugate it people working as an elected officialin the administrative State should be should not end up being the master of our destiny but rather the civil servantof the institution at the service of the people we are learning the hard way thatinstitution which become dysfunctional can and will fail us whenwe need them the most as engaged citizen we must Embarkand take part in a major reform of our institution and not not leave it to theelusive others let’s not be discouraged by the magnitude of the task at end we owe itall to our children and grandchildren is the administrativeState benevolent or guilty of M feces as the famous late Noble Lphysicist Steven aring judiciously said the greatest enemy of knowledge is notignorance it’s the illusion of knowledge in Canada the administrativeState used the illusion of knowledge to maintain its power this was evident throughout thethree-year co9 experience when bureaucrats and administrator alike wereportrayed as all powerful however this is only an imageaccomplished through an elaborate and inex cly into winded web of thesea meanwhile politician were more than happy to impose popular but ill advisedhave bacer health measure justifying these emergency policy as well intendedmeasure to protect Public Health sadly the majority of people succumbed to themeasure out of fear lack of unbiased and objective information and questionquestionable trust in longstanding institution in thiscontext as long as people perceive benefit from the government narrativeeverything will be done to protect the illusion of the effectiveness of the ill-advised Healthmeasure but as we witness it the administrative state in order to achievethis m rely on poor modeling and statistic full of emission whilstignoring scientific knowledge and understanding the administrator alsodismissed the wisdom of true expert who have credential considerably above thepretended expertise of technocrat who systematically censor any dissentingVoice who threaten their Authority this is best illustrated bynumerous accounts of the ignorance of epidemiology their ineffective andunfitting non-pharmaceutical intervention their willful ignorance ofstate-of-the-art medical practice and last but not least their superficialknowledge of the intricacy of the immune system the only way out of thisconundrum is through our constitutionally protected freedom of speech wherein wisely El beliefsthoughts and opinions are respected and likewise conversation debates anddissenting voice are heard this should be particularly true in the scientificand medical professions we know the very essence of society is human interaction andembedded therein relationships as human society thrive onnarrative that present distorted view of reality and Define culture according toUnwritten rules new narrative need to emerge these are particularly criticalwhen Society face a major crisis like thepandemic sometime low resolution representation of reality need to beupdated and subsequently redefined by rigorous debate to orient betterdecision making and Implement better solution to vexing problem goingforward this report is an attempt to craft a more balanced and objectivenarrative based on the hundreds of testimony heard during the 24 days ofhearing across Canada why because Canadian deserve to hear theconcern raised and to forge their own informed opinions regarding the Healthcrisis we have just face including the appropriateness of the mitigationmeasure used by government Authority it will be up to the reader todetermine forsel whether this new narrative is a more comprehensive representation of reality than themessaging delivered by the government and the mainstream media during the past threeyears this report examined the health civil economic and social issueresulting from the covid-19 response the report also makes specificrecommendation to to improve the management of any future Health crisis our report focuses on answeringquestion that are in the realm of scientific and forensicinvestigation what happened how did it happen and although the why deserveattention too the commissioner have determined that it is beyond the scope of thisinvestigation it is for this reason that the commissioner have agreed to AB by the witnesses testimony to the best oftheir ability seeking the truth these are the truths we have sought throughoutthe earrings moreover by engaging in this CrossCountry experience we can cometogether as a nation restoring the very principle and freedoms that has definedCanada since 1867recommendations considering the critical Reliance of our modern society onScience and Technology there is a need to distinguish knowledge derived fromrigorous scientific method from beliefs often influenced by ideology andpropaganda to help distinguish between these two we recommend the followingnumber one basic training in epistemology and critical thinkingshould be incorporated in both humanity and scientific or technologicaleducation curriculum two expert who participate inpublic forums should undergo strict scrutiny based on the following threefundamental criteria first demonstrated Cutting Edgeknowledge and expertise as evidence by their involvement in past or on ongoingscientific research providing proof of their understanding of the subjectmatter under discussion secondly lack of conflict ofinterest and finally willingness to engage in evidence-based public debatewith other expert who may all different opinions using rhetoric that avoids ABomum attacks appeals to Authority or invoking the so-called scientificconsensus in closing implementing any of ourrecommendation will be an upill battle even though people sharing theview of this report are still a minority we are witnessing a steady growth in thenumber of people that are raising their awareness level and once we know we canno longer no and the true will set usfree thankyou good morning everyone thank you for taking the time to hear from each of us thismorning as a lawyer I understand the fundamental importance of always hearingboth sides of every story before reaching Judgment of being open-mindedand hearing each side’s argument arents and perspectives before making adecision I joined the NCI because I wanted to understand what we had done asa nation and why I wanted to hear the reasons and justifications for theMyriad of rules that were imposed on us almost overnight the lockdown orders the schoolclosures The Mask mandates the vaccine passports the quarantinehotels and I wanted to square those with the impacts that they had on our societyon us as a Civilized Nation I believe that we should face what we have done and askdid we do the right thing were there unexpected consequences was it worthit when I first agreed to be a commissioner I intended to undertake animpartial review of both sides of the story of the measures that were enacted in Canada in response to thepandemic I expected that we would hear from a full spectrum of Canadiansincluding government Representatives experts and everydayCanadians unfortunately we only heard one side of the story because not onesingle government representative came to testify before us not one decision maker came to justifywhat was done at the same time we heard from Canadians across the country in bothofficial languages about their experiences and it wasn’tgood without getting the other side of the story the justification from ourleaders and decision makers what were we to conclude readers of our report need tokeep this in mind we gathered evidence from hundreds of Canadians and dozens ofnon-government experts the evidence we have all points one way to a significantbreakdown of Canadian institutions the division of oursociety neighbors pitted against neighbors families tornapart individuals suffering Grievous injuries which their own doctors won’tacknowledge feelings of isolationdepression suicides pain andgrief and against this was contrasted the official statements from our governments during this time promisingto keep us safe if only we keep following their directives this message echoed over andover again by the media and as a lawyer I paid particularattention to the testimony about our Canadian legal system the Canadian Constitution and theCharter of Rights are something I have always been proud of as a Canadian fundamentally our Charter ofRights enshrines the mutual respect that we hold for each other respect for one another even whenwe have differences of opinion is reflected in our most supreme law by guaranteeing that the governmentcannot tread on my neighbor’s rights we guarantee our own this is never more important thanwhen things are difficult in times of fear anduncertainty our report contains recommendations to renew and rebuild confidence in Canada courts to limit thedelegation of power to unelected institutions and to strengthen theaccountability of our institutions to to the public Canadians relied on theirinstitutions to serve them during the pandemic critical institutions failed usand public policy suffered people suffered it is my hope that therecommendations we have made are widely distributed for discussion andconsideration many of our recommendations call for more inquiry andinvestigation as Canadians we should not be afraid to ask the questions that matter most and we should not be afraidto hear the answers it is my personal belief that this is the only path forward to Healingour nation and lastly I would like to say that it has been my incredible honor toserve as a commissioner on the national citizens inquiry seeing the strength of ordinaryCanadians even in the darkest times of their lives gave me renewedhope I want to acknowledge The Bravery of every witness who stood up andtestified publicly live streaming on the internet for everyone to see facingtheir fears of Shame and Scorn from friends family andSociety it was my honor to Bear witness to your stories and I know that there are manymany Canadians who have found Comfort solace and hope in hearing your storiesand discovering that they weren’t alone this was an experience unlike any other in my lifetime and I humbled andgrateful to have played my small part in something so much bigger and greater than myself thankyou good morning my name is Janice Konan I must say for me the national citizensinquire quiry has been quite the journey at the beginning my focal point andpriority for becoming a commissioner was to ensure as complete an analysis aspossible into the impacts of the covid-19 response on the diverse aspects of our Canadian Society in particularthis was important for our children our faith our god-given entrenched freedomsand the Democratic principles that have contributed to the bless on this great nation from C to C to C more specificexamine how the government’s response to co affected vulnerable and marginalized populations and communities afterlistening to the testimony of 305 Canadians recognized accommodate the hundreds ofother voices willing to testify I realized the picture being painted was muchdeeper all more devastating and divisive and the the response from our publicinstitutions on every Canadian far more destructive it soon Bea became clearthat Canada was not the society I had known during my lifetime I was privileged to be born into a Canada thatmade sense in both mind and soul but now having been exposed to the testimony ofhundreds of Canadians with respect to the government response to co I have been introduced to a new SinisterDimension one that no longer reflects the Val values beliefs and freedoms of mygeneration it is within this backdrop that the conclusions and recommendations made by the Commissioners are socritical the juncture Canadians face in moving forward must include the exposingthe forces that willingly subscribed to destroying our Beloved Country From theInside Out indeed what we witnessed during Co was so contrary to Westernideals sadly the institution arm unleashing what took place in 2020 hasnot stopped forwarding their Lawless agenda even though those responsible arenow being exposed government overreach and intrusion are destroying the livesof ordinary Canadians became the unspoken Mantra under the surface ofwhat we refer to as governing institutions this mindset to oppress themasses to destroy the spirit that has made Canada the envy of the worldcontinues one example that stands out was the decision to callously declare some businesses non-essential even whenit was a Lifeline for the people involved in that particular Endeavor some of those M and pop businessesdeemed non-essential and thus forced to close during covid are still receiving Hefty tax assessments that reflect thetaas tax assessments preco try telling any of the tax collecting institutionsin this country there was no income during the covid years what about the business owners wholost everything because an unelected official with the stroke of a pen deemed one’s life work unnecessary theentrepreneurial Spirit the backbone of this country sanctioned by The Stroke ofa pen while other corporate entities andgovernment money maker open for business this is testified of the abuseuses they face like for believing differently or taking a different stancemany families are still divided even the most common sensethinking was discarded for health mandates one example is the mandate to wear a mask into a restaurant with theability to take it off once seated as if covid was prevented from joining us atthe table or our children forced to wear the same mask all day even though it isobvious even to the needed a clean mask unions vacated their legalresponsibility and duties to theirmembers post secondary institutions andon health author publicly funded institutions including schools in theJudiciary closed ordinary citizens had no Avenue open to them to Ain Justiceand the negative effects on students are still being felt today after being forced to sit in a room in front of ascreen isolated from their friends and social networks for hours on end it’s nowonder the unlearned mentality has become so entrenched within the K jk12system and then there are the many whose young lives had become so disrupted thatthey went to a place from which there was no return my question how many SUIdes are too many before we as a populist say enough as well curfews wereimposed on the citizenry where one could suffer the Wrath of the state for venturing Outdoors after 8:00 pm Ontarioand Quebec set up provincial roadblocks the maritime problem particular imposed thestrictest most contradictory rules violating the very essence of Mobility rights established in the CanadianCharter of freedoms rights and freedoms government permission needed to be granted before a citizen from a awaycould enter these provinces even when these same citizens own property thereinfor the first time ever Canada needed papers Canadians needed papers to travel within their own country our cell phoneswere tracked by nameless Health authorities for no apparent reason as if the good citizens of this country werehardened criminals Canadians across this country rocked publicly shamed andcalled unac unacceptable and disparaging names by the Prime Minister by policingauthorities by faceless and nameless bureaucrats by the media funded with Canadians tax dollars and governanceinstitutions that are legislated to uphold the law individual rights werestomped on Canadians from all walks of life were denied the right to lifeliberty and security we witness shameful abuses against ordinary citizens thepolice forces during the co by police forces during the freedom Convoy the Csmen held in jail for over 600 days without Justice being served peacefuldemonstrators arrested for exercising their constitutional rights and freedomschurch services disrupted by police and Ministers of the good news gospel arrested and most the greges to my ownheart the RCMP using track dogs to hunt down Church scores for holding Church inthe wilderness where were these police officers conscience and where was thelegal right to refuse work that violated one’s conscience and convictions inthese real life examples at the same time doctors nurses and surgeons were publicly penalizedwith many being ostracized by colleges and Physicians losing their ability to practice medicine for publicly standingup for their patients health and well-being ironically they were forced to violate their own sense of right andwrong when was there ever a time in the history of Canada wherein religious andmedical exemptions were not permitted and EI an employment insurance Proprogram fully funded by employers and employees and not by government waspermitted to justify refusal of claims from applicants who choose not to takethe covid shot labeling their actions as Miss misconduct as if this isn’t enoughfamily members could not see their loved ones in their last moments of life in hospitals and long-term seniorsfacilities that these people were left to die alone and the med administratorsand medical practitioners responsible in these Health institutions believe this to be acceptable is deplorable I couldgo on and on about the atrocities that we experienced in Canada during covid but let me say this at the end of theday Canadians were conned into believing governments Could Do no harm newspapersand mainstream media were handsomely paid from our hard-earned tax dollars topromote the government narrative which was essentially propaganda and lies tomake us comply to contradictory mandates that violated our constitutional rights and freedoms but now because of thenational citizens inquiry we know differently we have heard from the experts the Scholars the professionalsthe many hardworking Canadians who bravely took the stand under oath to expose the corruption and deception thatwe were all subjected to each and every one of the witnesses shared their story so that the people of this country couldonce again be proud of the Heritage and Constitution constitutionalideals that can be only found in Western democracies and each witness in theirown way bravely stood in the Gap against the oppression and destruction that those in high places had destined forthe populace the Bible calls us moral ineptitude as spiritual wickedness inhigh places the question though is Where Do We Go From Here do we now allow thehealth authorities to order us to wear masks gain as the hospitals and long-term seniors facilities havestarted to do in Ontario or do we as a nation join hands together as neighborneb s caring about one another who will not stand idly by and watch our publicinstitutions attempt once again to destroy the very Democratic principles and ideals that have made Canada thegreatest nation among the Nations we are a nation founded upon the supremacy of God and rule of law we area country whose Constitution recognizes citizens rights and freedoms and authorizes these CI same citizens tostand in righteousness when publicly funded institutions attempt to trample over their rights as free men and freewomen we have freedom of expression for example which is the Cornerstone of afunctioning democ Democratic Society we enjoy the presumption of innocence wehave the right to believe according to one’s conscience as a free people rejoicing in life not just the mechanicsof life it is obvious that Canada stands in a Crossroads but the directionforward is dependent upon each and every one of us as proud Canadians standingununified with the fervent belief that Canada is still worth fighting for thatwhile we may have been duped for a season the light that has now Shone on the failed experiment that governmentsleveled against the populace you and I the time has come for questions to beasked and answered with accountability and Justice as the outcome my highestdesire for this out exercise is to assure renewed hopefulness for our society going forward to eliminate theway for the Canada that we should be a shining star economically intellectuallyand spiritually we as a nation have such vast potential to move forwardconfidently and positively rather than backward fearfully and negatively and wecan rely on the base that established this nation a Christian Foundation wherein Every Soul understands thatloving God with all our hearts soul mind and strength and loving one another arestill the greatest Commandments in closing the shortest verse in the BibleStates Jesus wept but like the Israelites Who Sat by the Rivers of Babylon weeping about the freedoms theyonce knew Canadians have wept long enough now is the time to arise standand ensure the conversation that started with the freedom Convoy and the national citizens inquiry continues until Justiceand good governance in this country called Canada is restored mycongratulations and thanks to every single witness to every single supporterand to every single donor who made this historic moment come to fruition God bless you all and God bless Canada thankyou honorable Commissioners and fellowCanadians during the co crisis years Canadians watched as the institutionsthey thought would protect their freedoms and their prosperity insteadperpetrated hysterical fear unprecedented loss of freedoms andeconomic destruction regard Reckless disregarddishonesty and abuse by authorities who exploited fear they created hasdestroyed public trust after previous lesser crisespublic hearings would have been ordered across Canada to learn lessons and findtruth but Canadian governments have chosen not to commission inquiries withbroad public input and so a courageous group of devoted Canadians has ch chosento fill the vacuum of leadership and against a wall of government and Legacy Media hostilitytake up the cause of Truth Canadians often at personal costtold their stories and shared their experience with the Commissioners do your own verificationof the truth your own audit by going to National your life will be changed and you willknow whether the commissioner’s report touches your truth and the truth offellow Canadians the way your truth and the truth of your fellow Canadianstouched the Commissioners the national citizensinquiry is funded and staffed by volunteers who believe in a better Canada the Gratitude of Canadiansbelongs to them and it belongs especially to the Commissioners Ken DaleBernard Massie Janice Konan and Heatherdigregorio who dedicated their skill and time and immersed their souls in TheCrucible of suffering from government overreach and cruelty which was the common experience of manyCanadians the hoty attitude of absent officials who refused invitation totestify leaves many wondering what these nabobs of National Health and theirpolitical overlords have to hide the record of their refusal to speak withtheir fellow Canadians stands and truth and Trust are thelosers the national citizens inquiry was always about truth but it could not beabout reconciliation because for reconcil ilation there must beaccountability and the nabobs of National Health and their politicalbosses remain virtually unaccountable but the pendulum of publicopinion is swinging their impunity isfading I am a longtime lawyer and sometime leader of the opposition in myhome province of New Finland and Labrador politics teaches is thediscipline of messaging if you get on an elevator and someone asks you what didthe national citizens inquiry say you have a brief time between whenthe doors open the person gets on H and then they they open and the person getsoff to give your elevator speech so as administrator of the national citizensinquiry here’s mine at least three facts about thecovid-19 vaccines are Beyond dispute they are facts Beyond disputebecause authorities like Health Canada admit thesefacts the first fact Beyond dispute is that Health Canada did not determinethat the vaccines were safe and effective when they approved thevaccines this language is nowhere in the approving order orregulation it does however appear on the health Canada website which falselyclaims that the vaccines were proven safe and effective and of goodquality the expression safe and effective is a marketing slogan and adeceptive one a nond deceptive slogan would be neither safe noreffective the second fact Beyond dispute is that the process by which thevaccines were made for approval was a different process from the process bywhich they were made for Mass Marketing in this domain of Health regulation theprocess is the product and there has been a bait and switch perpetrated onthe public by which the public received a different product a product which wasneither safe nor effective from the product which wasapproved the third fact Beyond dispute is that vaccines areadulterated the covid-19 vaccines by the presence of foreign DNA fragments and asequence from a monkey virus called sv40 suspected of causingcancer adulterated products are neither safe nor effectiveHealth Canada does not deny these shocking facts what should be done aboutthese facts is a matter of opinion but the facts are not in dispute do vaccines with such adeceptive history sounds safe and effective to you if you knew these factswould you have consented to be injected or do they sound neither safe noreffective the commit iers are in no doubt about what should be done thevaccine should be pulled from the market immediately many doctors scientists andpoliticians have bet their careers and credibility on the safe and effective vaccine Mantra so don’t expect thevaccines to be withdrawn easily or soon but they are neither safe noreffective and withdrawn they must be governments could not haveperpetrated a yearslong institutionalized practice of deceptive vaccine marketing but for the complicityand cancel culture of the Legacy press the Commissioners have determined thatthe CBC has betrayed public trust and must be radicallyreconstructed and federal liberal government subsidies to the Press whichby their loyalty to the regime must beterminated no democracy can long survive without a freepress and the Commissioners recommend criminal prosecutions as a lawyer I believe themore lawsuits both civil and criminal the more accountability and the greaterthe chance for reconciliation over the cruelties abusesand deaths caused by governmental response to the covid crisis but accountabilityfirst they may have the clock for now but Canadians have thetime Mr chairman this concludes the resumed hearing portion of the formalproceedings and we will now open for questions thankyou so our first question comes from Tamara yugalof Rebel news thank you so much uh very happy to be here and thanks for yourcomprehensive hearing today um repeatedly I hear that the health officials and those responsible forimposing these mandates restrictions and proped public health measures refus topartake in such an inquiry and we know that the Liberals have voted against conducting this kind of inquiry ifHealth Canada for instance continues to dig their heels in on the safety and efficacy of a noble injections and thegovernment refuses to take accountability actions against the measures that they themselves imposethen what does accountability and and what does it look like moving forward you know we can we can have thesehearings we can host this comprehensive inquiry you can publish this robusthundreds even thousands of pages report but if no one from the government islistening or paying attention then what does this tangibly look like moving forward and if there are criminalprosecutions I thought that was very strongly worded and in my opinion strongly needed but what kind of chargeswould this entail and just overall what does this look like moving forward if those people and institutionsresponsible continue to ignore all ofthis thank you Tamara you’ve got a lot of questions in there sorry um first offI don’t as I said during my uh comment commentary the public should considerthis report to be like you would a box of tools sitting on theworkbench if someone doesn’t open the box of tools and do something with it nothing will happen you’ll not build ahouse or you’ll not fix a Grandma’s rocking chair Canadian people have to pick thisup and do something you know we just went through an election here in Manitoba provincial election and thethe numbers of people that voted and didn’t vote was incredible you know we had another provincial election in2019 and would you believe that the election we had last week it was exactly the same number of Voters it was 55% ofof eligible voters voted and 55% voted in 2019 and they have voted just thispast October so how is it that Canadians having gone throughwhat they went through it didn’t Inspire them to vote and to make their voicesheard so your question is an excellent one and what what will happen well we expect that the government will try toignore this just like they ignored our invitations to come and testify but it’s up to Canadians and until Canadians readthe report or watch the videos they will not understand the depth the profounddepth of the horrors that were placed upon Canadians and and and I know that Canadians ifthey understand that because right now a lot of Canadians are in the bubble of the media’s propaganda still but untilthey start when Canadians start to wake up you know there’s an old expression Idon’t know whether it’s true or not but they woke up a sleeping giant and filled them with a terrible rage and in myopinion I am hoping for that that the Canadian people will wake up and be in a very bad mood and hold their governmentsinto account Heather do you want to add tothat thanks well I’m in agreement with your comments Ken um and I think we got a a similar question and when wereleased our our U temp our interim report earlier and really the you knowat the base of this is It’s we’ve done what we can to get this report uhrecorded published uh with recommendations and now it’s up to Canadians uh to take it forward andevery person Bears personal responsibility in how they’re going to do that Bernard have you got something toadd okay yeah I’m in full agreement with your comments both Ed and Ken um whatcan I had more I I think we have to acknowledge that Uthe situ situation the culture we’ve been sort of embedded in for decades isnot going to flip on a coin it’s going to take times and it’s not because it’smoving slowly that it’s not going to eventually get the right momentum toturn things around the way I look at it is that it’s not going to take the majorityof people to wake up to make a difference you just need a critical massof people to move things around what are those number AR to tell 5 10% but themoment you gather the right people that are engaged and are going to make thingshappen I think eventually we will move and it has to move at different front ithas to move at the level political front provincial Federal incourt and so on but eventually it will flip will it flip as quickly as we wouldwant it to flip in Canada uh my guess is that it’sgonna the first impact will come from abroad in in in in in the society thathave been more I would say used to fight this kind of situation and the momentthat we see the their victories in on different front actually fuel a lot of uhconversation and a lot of U movement to make things happen Janice you want to add tothat good morning Tamara that was a host of questions that were very good andvery insightful I think for me it’s uh loving one another at at the very baseof our society our social Fabric and caring for one another that’s what weare to do and when we start caring for other people there is nothing thatgovernment can do when we stand with other people who are being shamed publicly or abused or trotten over thenthings start to change because it’s not just the one person anymore it’s each and every one of us saying we’ve hadenough this is not going to happen again and we’re going to stand with people who say no who have that strength and aseach and every one of us takes takes that moment and and gains that strengthwe start to realize and we should have realized from the freedom Convoy we’re not alone there are thousands uponthousands of other people out there who feel the same way so like Jesus saidlove one another let’s start loving one another let’s start standing in unity against the forces of evil that want totake us out and say that this country again like I said earlier is still worthfighting for thank you for your questions thank youJanice if I do I have time for just a quick followup sure thank youso what role do you think the mainstream media plays in holding this kind ofaccountability you know is it is it a Grassroots swelling and movement of Canadians as we saw with the trucker Convoy or if there was a a change orsome sort of um policy imposed on the mainstream Media or a dism mantling or just banding alog together would thatfacilitate this sort of action faster than GrassrootsCanadians you know we have a tendency now in our modern society to always think that we’re going to do somethingwith regulation the government’s going to do this and the government’s going to do that or we’re going to go and standin front of a school board meeting or something else waving a sign you know the time to try to makechange isn’t when the horse is out of the barn it’s at the Electoral level you knowwe’ve been captured by the party system we’ve been captured by this idea thatwe’re dependent on the government to enforce a regulation or something where the citizens of this country hold theultimate power turn off the switch on your TV don’t watch the shows that don’tsupport what you do don’t read those newspapers do not buy those magazines Canadians have that power andCanadians also have the power to rest back control of their government andbreak the Unholy Alliance that has developed Not Just Between thecandidates and the party leaders and we could talk about that in detail but alsobetween the lobbyists and the party leaders because right now in Canada the parties know that you’re going to votefor the party and you know what they’re not a whole lot different and until we break that by saying I am no longervoting for the green party or the blue party or the yellow party or the purple party I am voting for the person and ifthat person doesn’t represent me the next election cycle when they’re askingfor my vote again I will not vote for them regardless of what armband color they’re read they’re wearing and when wetake when we grasp that when Canadians can grasp that and start to act on it we don’t need government regulation we’llput the media in their place by not watching their propaganda we’ll stop theemployers from doing imposing mandates and things on us by stopping working forthem or stopping doing business with them let’s not wait for the government Let’s Take Action we’ve waited longenough Janice do you want to add to that I just want to say that there werea lot of M pop shops that were destroyed during the three years of covid I thinkif we support those m shop pop shops I think we can start to turn this aroundwe don’t need to support the corporate who was given the authorization andapproval to stay open during covid we can support the small stores it may costus a little bit more granted but at the same time at the end of the day we will have a better economy we will have abetter social Fabric and we will have people at the community level who want to help one another and I think thatthat’s where this this whole inquiry has to go is that we takeresponsibility for our own actions and we pray about the ones that we can’tchange so that the Lord can step in and he can intervene on those bigger picturethings but we can certainly help and do things at our local level to just help our neighbor love ourneighbor Berna do you would you like to add to that yeah well what can I sayI I fully agree with what you said K that um we are too passive with respectto the institution it really has to start with individual responsibility so we have to buildactivities and interaction with our families and neighbor that are ground onthat are based on our share values and not be too I would sayum sensitive to short-term gains I mean so as jennis pointed out it might costus a little more to buy to the to local Merchant and stuff but do we want tobuild a strong community that will be will be will be more resilient to drastic change that can be opposed fromabove from highly centralized whether it be business government or Corporationthe way you balance that is by rebuilding the power at the level of thelocal community where the action is taking place and do it in a way that isbeneficial for people around you Heather would you like to add tothat sure I think I would just add um I mean it was clear throughout the entireinquiry that the media’s role was really important um in terms of uh reflectingwhat the government was saying and and really not hearing it hearing the media holding government to account um I thinkone of the most important testimonies uh in the entire inquiry is that of Rodney Palmer and I would actually encourageevery Canadian to search out his testimony specifically to the inquiry and to watch it it was particularlyeye-opening to me um I think learning about the trusted news initiative and these types oforganizations uh that appear to have influence over the media that Canadians are consuming is is vital tounderstanding just exactly uh where we’re at and what has happened just one last point on that oneother testimony that I would Point people to is marann kak she actually describes in her testimony exactly whathappened to her as an investigative reporter at CBC and how her stories werecrushed and uh and I think that’s very um very poignant you know she was therefor 34 years considered an expert invest instigator and she left their employeeafter that in any case thank you thank you Tamara our next uhquestion comes from a member of the public Jason do hi Jay doll I’m with super spreaderson YouTube and Rumble and on Twitter and uh I’m the NCI social media Ambassador Iattended the Ottawa hearings congratulations to you all on finishing uh the report I assume you’re all goingfor a beer right after um the My question is to do with uh yourrecommendations moving forward do do the recommendations are they sorted with a Primacy do you do does each of you feelor does the commission feel that there’s an order to what needs to happen or if you could see all your recommendationsdone is there a place to start in specific or are they just a batch ofrecommendations well um excellent question that was certainly a discussion we had over and over and over again whatwe did was is there’s over 400 recommendations in the report specific recommendations they’re grouped underdifferent subject areas like um finances civil law Society those kinds of thingsand they’re all extremely important and depending on what your experience waseither as a citizen during the pandemic or what you’re experiencing now one thing might be more important to you asa citizen than the other but I believe that all of the recommendations we haveneed to uh be considered and Incorporated there again there’s some very significant ones uh and they dealwith um just about every element of society from private business to Mediacompanies to the medicine system to uh uh Regulatory Agencies um it’s very comprehensive andand we so but to answer directly your question we did not um prioritizethem just because it was very difficult you know one one of us is a is aspecialist in one area the other one’s a specialist in the other area and in each of those specialty areas darn it wewanted our our thing to be the pracy but in any case Bernard do you want to addto that yeah this has been a very U intensestruggle to to try to Define the top five 10 recommendation I I think in the end youknow I mean because it’s so pervasive across all area of society it’s verydifficult to to do justice to all of the different area that are that have beenimpacted by the uh covid crisis so we really had to uh itemize in every areaand the moment you start doing that of course the the list is pretty long and it it will applydifferently depending on the institution one of the thing which I think underpins everything and this beenasked by Tamara in her in her previous question is that at the end of the daywhen you interact with people you can only do it in a productive way if thetrust is fairly ey if you trust one another and this is based on transactionwhere people are provided with the kind of goods or service or or of orcensation that are aligned with the to the best of their knowledge on throughyou can trust people and the moment you do that effectively the trust will just rise just so happen that human beingsare being imperfect unless people are held toaccount well you know they will tend to cheat a little bit there and a little bit there and they will push it as faras they can so any of these recommend will only be I would say productive ifwe can actually find or develop a culture of accountability which is tosome extent much more difficult in an environment that is becoming morevirtual I mean if you’re client you never see them you never shake and withthem you just see them over Zoom or all kinds of electronic or virtualplatform the kind of cues that you get from interaction with human where youyou can feel after a while that you can trust these people it’s not the same it’s it it doesn’t scale very well sothat’s one of the issue that we have as we as we move it up and up in differentlevel of the archan government it’s getting more and more difficult so everypolitical party every company every School Board needs to develop theculture of accountability to one another tothe I would say Mission or values that the institution is sharing on the frontpage but very often the biggest issue we’re facing is the gap between what wethink we’re going to try to do or we say we’re doing is so big that eventuallyit’s meaningless so all of these recommendation I think needs to be examined under this this filter can wemake it can we implement it and make an old people accountable for not doing it and what’s the best way to do that andwhen people feel that they’re being El account accountable they tend to do their best they don’t they don’t try togo around and and and not being uh I would say act withIntegrity Heatherso we have 80 pages ofrecommendations put them together I think it’s close to 80 pages so there I mean there’s no wayyou can pick or choose what’s the most important um and as as Ken and Bernard have said they cut across sort of everypart of the fabric of Canadian Society to me I think one of the mostimportant things that we heard at the inquiry and around which many of our recommendations are based is that wereally need to um treasure and protectCanadians freedom of speech freedom of speech really undercut so much ofeveryone’s experience particularly when we Canada was relying on Experts andthen there was no ability for experts to be heard who had a different point of view um Canadians themselves trying toexpress their uh personal experiences uh not being heard and hearing one linealways from the Canadian media uh to that what was never questioned and somany of our recommendations uh employ um you know the protection of freedom ofspeech in uh as as part of a connecting thread I think between them and uh andthat’s what I would have to say about that thank you Janice would you like to chirp in onthis hi Jason i’ just like to highlight um which some people know and somepeople don’t know that the Commissioners come from very very different backgrounds and Prof professionalexperiences and so when we were doing the recommendations and actually writing the text we brought our professionalismobviously what we’ve learned professionally but we’ve also brought our human experiences to the table whichis really what that whole report is about is that each and every one of uscame from a place that none of the other ones other Commissioners had and yet wewere able to bring forth recommendations and to prioritize recommendations basedon the fact that it people were hurt people have been destroyed people havebeen stomped on their rights have been stomped on our constitutional rights and freedoms were negated at every level andI think in spite of our professional background and in spite of the places we’ve come from we were able toprioritize the things that were important for the Canadian citizens of this great nation and our other side ofthis is that each and every one of us as Commissioners had one motivation if there was any motivation that wouldstand out for each of us and that is we wanted to make this country great again we wanted to restore what was lost andturn this around in a way that people Ordinary People hardworking people from whatever Walk of Life they’re in couldstand strong and be proud of who they are in this great nation so just takeinto consideration that yeah we couldn’t quite prioritize uh a list of recommendationsthat would not not kind of take away from somebody else’s but at the end of the day it’s a good report it’s a goodinquiry it’s done by people who really care about Canada and we want to seethings improve thank you for your question and thank you Mr doll our nextquestion comes from Mr MikeHillyard good afternoon everyone my name is Mike Hillard uh son of one ofManitoba’s long longest serving Mano Federation of labors president Robert leard and uh one of 6 million estimatedCanadians that lost their careers and livelihoods for not signing up to theprogram now that being said um in good faith in actual good faith I trulyunderstand what good faith is all about I’ve been at bargaining negotiations tables before and whatnot so the NCI hasproven to hold Integrity truth accountabil responsibility empathy and human dignitywhich has been a Beacon of Hope for many Canadians and Humanity around the worldcompared to our elected governments and Municipal Representatives who have segregated lies swn seeds of hate anddivided Canadian families and households from coast to coast they threw out all our emergency measure response plans andall other safeguards multiple layers in fact but implemented an agenda programthat opened Pandora’s Box which is still open this very moment with the programstill in place how does the NCI plan to bring its core values of Canadian identity leadour country once and for all and for the future generations to come especiallyfacing this tyrannical and most undemocratic Canadian government in history to date when they will not actin good faithwell I think the answer to that is you lead byexample you know I think what you’ve seen from the national citizens inquiryas you point out is a real effort to be responsible to be transparent torepresent Canadians in in a truthful way and going forward you know we have tonot only speak about the the the the the report of the NCI but we have to makesure that Canadians understand their responsibility in this process of healing we can’t rely on the governmentyou know they proved that to us uh you know there was a testimony by Mr David lease who said almost all theinstitutions in Canada failed Canadians and matter of fact in myopinion Canadians failed themselves they didn’t stand up they didn’t question you know theydidn’t go and vote and so I think the answer to that question at least from my opinion is that we need to lead byexample we have to continue the next stage of this you know the report is ais a is a historical document but it’s also an educational document and the next step of that is toeducate the public as to what they can do we’ve shown you theproblems we have and we’ve recommended Solutions but we have to make it clearto Canadians over time what they can do in real terms to take make theirgovernment accountable to them umHeather well Ken took my answer about leading by example that’s what he gets for goingfirst um so I I wholeheartedly endorse that um and I think that the everymember of the national citizens inquiry is attempting to lead by example andhelp lead Canada um towards a path that uh would better serve us I think everyCanadian should take a look at the recommendations see which ones speak to you uh see which ones resonate and seewhich ones you think that you may be able to do something about and then determine how it is that you can goabout doing that um and to reach out uh to those around you who um May supportyou in that uh to build communities and networks and really um you know takeyour own initiative to move forward what you think you can do that’s it for me thank youJanice Michael I think you yourself for a good example just by the examples that you gave us so I think it’s speaking toother people contining the conversation that has started and not letting go in terms of our school boards and ourgovernance uh institutions I think it’s time to put the NCI inquiry report andrecommendations in front of them and to say no to anything that theytry to impose and make sure that we’re standing beside other other people who are also saying no so that we therestrengthen numbers but I think your example’s a good one thank youBNA well you’ve said you’ve covered pretty much uh the answer the one thingI would have is that you know in the general population there’s asmall proportion of people that are by temperment willing to raise issue andquestion the authority uh the other people that don’t have that kind of inclination orpropensity to question authority should at least uh comes to turn with the ideathat when somebody’s questioning the authority maybe they should listen and be open to what the questionare and try to at least come explore thethe question even though sometime it’s it’s time consuming and it might besometime generating all kinds of of of anxiety because you can if you can no longer trust blindly The Authority it’snot it’s it’s not easy to deal with but unless you’re willing to take your ownresponsibility you don’t have to do it alone you do it in community with people that will actually help you in theprocess and every everybody will do it slowly and gradually until we will reacha Tipping Point where there’s enough of us questioning the authority that aretrying to imp posting which are not in the best interest of the community you know I just want to add tothat that there are all kinds of organizations what I would call Grass real Grassroots organizations that arespringing up across the country and if people don’t feel comfortable asa lone wolf and then I suggest that they seek out those organizations there’s some very good ones in the country andthey’re really working towards um returning power to the people thankyou thank you Mr Hillier our next question comes from Matthew horwood ofthe epoch times hi everybody uh thanks for having me on and uh congratulations on seeingthis through and releasing your final report uh it’s good timing because less than a week ago the panel in Albertathat was studying their response to covid uh released their reports as I’m sure you know um so it had 90recommendations I’ve skim through the nci’s report and it seems to be that there are a lot of parallels I mean thisAlberta report talks about um striking a balance between uhprotections and people’s rights and freedoms talks about improving the Health Care system talks about allowingchildren to remain in school and not close them down interestingly it doesn’t say anything in that report aboutvaccine injuries or deaths or any sort of uh uh modifications to the reporting system but uh I just want to get yourthoughts given that Preston Manning obviously has connections to to both of these uh what are your thoughts on someof the recommendations in this report um and also alternatively has PrestonManning given any recent thoughts as to the nci’s uh H like it’s report or howit’s been functioning in the last couple months so if I understand you’re askingfor our opinion on Mr Manning’s report and to be honest um we’ve been working12 15 hour days and I honestly am aware of that report but I have not read it umuh and I don’t know if the any any of the other um uh Commissioners have so let’s just ask them uh Bernard did haveyou read that report and have you got a comment on it well I haven’t read the report in full detail I’ve just scannedit for a couple of hours and I fully agree that this report is the I wouldsay much ner in terms of the of the recommendation I I guess it stems fromthe specific mandates that they were given by the uh Authority inAlberta and a lot of emphasis is really from this report on what should be donedifferently from a public health perspective at the government level uhas you know I mean if you think if you are addressing the specific issue of vaccine vaccine is not something that isbeing approved at the level of provincial government it’s being approved at the level of the federalgovernment and I guess that they they had a mandate to stay within theboundaries of the authority of the provencial level with respect tomanagement of Health that’s probably why the report has uh does not coverdifferent aspect that we did cover during our report the other thing is that I guess they they wanted to providerecommendation fairly quickly so they can actually start to implement some ofthe action to me I would say that more than 50% of what they’re proposing in todo is somewhat covered in our recommendation so we really I guessagree on most of that and uh but then the question is who’s going to be the uhthe lead to make that happen in Alberta I guess it’s it’s up to the uh thegovernment of Danielle Smith to really move it forward and I’m hoping that themoment this is starting to be implemented by a provincial governmentmaybe it will give some uh impetus to other provincial government to to movealong the same path but uh as far as the vaccine specifically it hasn’t beentouched and haven’t seen in the report uh expert uh testimony or or report ordocument that would specifically address that at the level that we did in the commission with the expert that we hadsome of which were on the Canadian scene but a lot of them were from the US usand and and and France for example that really did a deep dive into the processof the approval clinical trials the uh all of the I would say issues with thethese type of genetic vaccine they didn’t have that in their mandate so they haven’t touched itperson Heather thank you so I’m also notfamiliar with the contents of that report I haven’t read it uh nor am I familiar with the process that wasundertaken to prepare it um to the extent that you say that uh therecommendations in that report uh parallel or mirror some of our own that’s probably not surprising to me umgiven that uh both um reports were inquiring into what Canada has done uhto the extent that there are differences I think that’s probably a good thing too it can open up debate and uh you knowthere’s still lots of room for consideration uh as Canadians about what we should be doing um I would I wouldthink these reports can probably be read together our report um brings a realhuman side to the Canadian experience as a result of us having sat for 24 dayslistening to Canadians and if doing in doing that we’ve come up with similarrecommendations to the other report then I think you can probably find those parallels to be um good recommendationsum that are worthy of of consideration thank youJanice honestly I think since this has started I’ve had to sever a lot of therelationships that are in my life because we’ve just been busy so I have not had a chance to look at press DemManning’s report but I will certainly when this is done but the other thing that needs to be kind of highlightedhere is that when we started my my whole uh uh Focus was on the truth shallPrevail but as we listened to the testimony we went through a grieving process I believe that when we finallyfinish the report to the extent that we could say okay it’s good to go we werereleased of that grieving process not totally because I still believe we’re carrying that grieving with us oflistening to so many people who’ve been hurt and devastated in their in their day-to-day everything was disrupted andwe haven’t even begun to speak about the children and the impact on these children of being isolated from theirfriends and their social networks and their their structures being taken from them so I think forme I’d love to say that I’ve gotten back into my day-to-day as I did before butsince March our life has been put on hold and even throughout the summer writing the report was a 12-hour dayevery day trying to get it out in amongst all of our other commitments soyes we will get to it and if there’s parallels that’s probably a wonderful thing but I can’t say that I’ve I’vecame from that perspective when we were writing our recommendations that had nothing to do with another report orinquiry that was happening in the rest of the country it was our heartfelt recommendations from every testimonythat we heard that has carried us through this from beginning to end andkept us together just by strengthening one another so I just I’d love to I readit and I will if you want to give back to me Matthew at some point in the future I’ll let you know my thoughts butfor now we have not read it but thank you and Matthew uh thank you thank youfor your question and just for the people viewing so that there’s no confusion so the Alberta Governmentcommissioned a report to look into the laws of Alberta that were used duringthe covid experience and to make recommendations as to whether or not those specific laws should be changed sowas a a much narrower Focus than the NCI our next question comes from Chuck blackof the freedom Forum yes uh my name is Chuck black I’mwith an alternative New Media Group out of Toronto Ontario and we don’t get paid as much as the Legacy Media although Ido keep in touch with them and my question isn’t just about the publichealth emergencies Government Review panel the Preston Manning Report about Alberta that came out last week but I Ialso have a comment about an an earlier report in a recent CBC article on itthis is a 2021 report also helmed byManning um of something called a report to the covid commission and I know manyof my colleagues former colleagues in the Legacy Media are going to sayPreston Manning’s 2021 report mostly fiction but it it it showed the wayforward in how to do a pandemic report biases any results that could come outof not just last week’s Manning Le report from Alberta buttoday’s national citizens inquiry final report I’m I’m hoping you can U answerany questions um answer the question uh Preston Manning has written threereports he was involved in the Genesis of the NCI when it started out but thenhe went to the Alberta report U Legacy Media is going to to to to Tar thisreport with the perception that it’s biased by Manning’s preconceived notionshow are you going to respond to that and Commissioners can I can I step in firstbecause I have personal knowledge that you don’t have about the formation of the NCI so I don’t want you answering aquestion with without that factual in information so there was a group of people that did not involve PrestonManning that began the citizens hearings which you can go to Citizens hearings.CA and see the three days of testimony there um Preston Manning then joinedthat group and after the citizens hearings it was decided well why don’twe hold wider hearings I can tell you as one of the founding members of that and likely every other member of that groupI didn’t wasn’t even aware that Preston had written anything until we were well down that process and then another groupcame up with the same idea well let’s hold wider hearings and they joined us going forward so it actually isfactually misleading to think that Preston Manning was the brainchild ormove this along and I don’t want to minimize Preston’s assistance and help in moving it along because you know he’sjust got a a depth of knowledge and he’s worked with people so extensively that he was extremely helpful and we’rethankful um but to say that this was his project or he started it I would expectthat most of the people that were involved in forming the NCI have not read his um his fictional narrative andsome of them may not even be aware of it so Commissioners as you answer the question the question assumes some factsand knowledge that um as somebody involved from the ground floor I would I would question as notcorrect well you know from a commissioner standpoint we continually emphasize that we are independentCommissioners and that is the truth I was not aware of this report that you’re referring to I’m still not aware of itactually I guess I’ll have to go look um I I I don’t think I had anyconversations with Preston Manning throughout this entire process I was in a meeting or maybe two where he was aparticipant but certainly there’s been no communication that I’m aware of between any of the Commissioners and MrManning so for the of course the Legacy press will try to make some kind of aconnection there if it’s advantageous to them and you know they their um their uhincredible capabilities of propaganda and uh saying things uh byinsinuation um are have been shown to US during the last three years I can sayI’ll ask ask each one of the the U Commissioners to respond but I had noconversations with Mr Manning about what this report will be and I had no direction at all and as a chair of theCommissioners I’m telling you as the chairman of the Commissioners I had no direction at all from the commission asto what was going to be in this report this report was developed independently by the fourCommissioners on their own without um any um coercion or bias thatI am aware of so let me ask the other Commissioners to comment on that J uhJanice do you want to comment on that as well I’m sorry my internet went down soI missed the question but I’m going to kind of pick up from Ken there uh from I’m going to reiterate what I saidbefore all four of us came from Commissioners came from very different places and we have had verydifferent professions and when we wrote therecommendations it was from that perspective I don’t know if you’re stillthere but there was absolutely nobody that I know of that was csed or toldthat they had to uh align with any kind of perspective we came from our heartperspective after hearing numerous testimonies from Witnesses who sharedtheir very personal lives with us Berard do you want to add tothat well I would just say that uh in preparing the report we just we engageinto the same process as we been through with the witnesses that weresitting uh before us and were swearing to say the true and nothing more thanthe true and that’s exactly what we’ve done and trying to reflect to the bestof our ability uh what the witnesses provided to understand or to share theirexperience about the the crisis there was absolutely no other motivationbesides trying to get to the best of our ability to their truth and and try toexplain display it in our report Heatherso the first time I became aware of Preston Manning having having written anything other than this report that wasreleased a week or two ago was just now when you asked the question um I don’tthink that we I think each of us um have come to this process independently andhave conducted ourselves independently I know when I was um committing to becomea commissioner I made it very clear to the NCI that I was not interested inadvancing any agendas I was not here to help anybody’s position I was here solely to hear the evidence and make upmy mind and write a report about it that’s what I’ve done that’s what my co-commission have done and you knowthat’s all I can really have to say about it thank you so um Mr Black thank youfor your question and our final question today comes from Jamies greetings Commissioners and Mr Buckley thank you so much for everything thatyou have done for Canadians as honest truth seekers in this inquiry and thankyou for allowing me to ask a question today like millions of Canadians I wastremendously impacted by the trucker Convoy in fact uh this Convoy gave methe courage to start speaking out publicly and for those that knew what this meant for Canadians it was a trueAct of Bravery excuse me to me it was heroic and I’m forever grateful to allof them with what you know and have experienced through the NCI testimonieswhat do we need to do now as a collective to continue the act ofBravery like we saw with the truckers how can we help rebuild our countrythank you thank you Jamie um you know I’m going toreiterate that Canadians should not be expecting a white knight to come runningdown the road they should not expect their corrupt government to come and dowhat’s right all of a sudden and whose fault isthat if you leave a child unsupervised in a candy shop is it the child’s faultif they succumb after a couple of hours and take a candy that’s what we’ve done with ourpolitical process you know we’ve been hoodwinked for decades Hoodwinked by Party politics it’s like the cup and PEgame Hoodwinked by how they work in secrecy you know Jamie we had um anotherelection a Schoolboard trustee election uh here in Manitoba uh two weeks ago it was in a city called Brandon Manitoba35,000 eligible voters 3,000 people voted 3,000 out of 35,000 so when thegovernment starts to do criminal Acts in my opinion and when they start torepresent special interest groups and they start to ignore their citizenry who have wereally got to blame and if we can courageously the C courage here is toadmit the part that we all played in this and then grasp the idea that we cando something about it you know I could talk for hours on this subject as you may likely know but I won’t everybodywill get M at me but you know this is up to Canadians and in my opinion this is akind of a fork in the road with the NCI where a piece of the NCI needs tocontinue in the educational process as to what happened and what’s in this report but another piece and maybe it’sa different organization needs to start educating Canadians as to how the process works and what they can do asindividuals and I’m not talking about and I don’t want to take away from those people who talk about constitutions andthey talk about corporations and all this stuff but what does the average Canadian do with that information youknow if Canada is a corporation and da da d da what can I do about it not a lotbut what I can do is I can talk to my neighbor and they can talk to their neighbor and we maybe have a meeting andtalk about how we’re going to vote or we’re going to vote at all so we reallypart of this is we’ve now exposed you know the in my opinion whatthe crimes have been and the crimes have gone from from fraud to murder in myopinion and we’ve presented Solutions but we also have to now start educatingCanadians that don’t be overwhelmed this is what you cando and we all have a part to play it’s not just the person who can stand up and speak on a stage or the person knows howto write things everybody in Canada has a role to play I I tell a story aboutyou know it’s kind of like the story of the um the fishes in the Loaves and you have to ask yourself thequestion who packed that lunch we don’t talk about that person and it’s like this for us Canadiansmaybe you can’t do a speech maybe you haven’t got a whole lot of money but you might be able to call a meeting and darnit you might bake the best cinnamon buns in town and it’s those cinnamon buns that attract hundreds of people intothis meeting and we start to educate Canadians again so I maybe drifted alittle bit Jamie my apologies I am passionate about this and uh if I couldask on Janice to add tothat well first I’m going to say you should not apologize Jamie for being emotional about trying to save ourcountry uh when I wrote the first draft of my script I read it to my husband just so that I could kind of give him anidea of where I was going and one of the things that happened about halfway through is Icouldn’t read anymore m 1 and I think there’s a lot of Canadians who feel thatway but I think going forward we need to have a conversation with our neighborsour friends our family we need to reestablish relationships that we’ve lost throughout this covid era we needto say no to government those people who are still in their houses that have never come out because they’ve beenpublicly shamed we need to go knock on their door and bring the cookies we need to have a cup of coffee with everybodythat we can within our circles and have them do the same with their circles and one by one we will change this countryand it won’t be overnight for sure but even just reestablishing therelationships that we had preo would be a good start look at all those Christmascards we used to send out look at those names and pick up the phone and start talking to people and then from NCIperspective let’s just continue the conversation because together we willwin thankyou yeah so I really Echo what both Ken and Janice have said accountabilityobviously critically important it’s what a lot of our recommendations are focused on um accountability for the actions ofothers but also we need to look at our own actions and take accountability for the part that each of us haveplayed um and in that process I think we also can’t lose sight of kindness umbeing kind to each other being kind to ourselves and really going back to ourcore principles um of connection family love and I thinkthat’s really the only way that we can go forward and heal as a country thank youBerna yeah I mean what you all said was very moving I I think we have to Fosteras strongly as we can the power of love because this is where it all starts wehave to love ourself we have to forgive oursel for our mistakes we have to hold ourselaccountable and that’s fine this is how we grow and at the same time we have toentertain relationship with people around us to help them holds accountableand be accountable for what they’re doing you have to take responsibility at the same time we have to give them achance to be wrong once in a while and say that’s okay you know that’s prettybasic community building and it starts with your family and your neighbors andeverybody everywhere where you work in any organization you have to Foster thiskind of interaction based on benevolenceand I would say being open that we live to together and together we can actuallymake things much better or much worse depending on how we entertain our ideasor thought being toxic negative why can’t we can switch to see the best ineverybody around us and guess what when you look at people with a loving eyesand call from them the best they can give well that’s what happensso that um that is the final question that we’re going to allow today just simply because we have to take a breakand and for those of us or those watching us we’re repeating thecommission being reconvened in the French language for those Canadians whoare FR French speaking um for those of you who participated today I thinkyou’ll agree with me me that once again when we participate in the Nationalcitizens inquiry uh we have a somewhat unique experience as we come togetherand we feel like we’re part of something bigger because we are part of somethingbigger and and my experience today has been that the Commissioners have shareduh not just wisdom but compassion with us and that the questions that were brought forward by the press and themembers of the public um to show some profound insight and they were all goodquestions and the dialogue is something that that I think all Canadians shouldwatch so I’ll encourage all of you to share the links that will come out forthis because I think that this would be another healing experience for us to share with our neighbors going forwardon behalf of the N National citizens inquiry uh Commissioners thank you foryour continued service um for those of the press and the public that came toask questions on behalf of the national citizens in choir we thank you and for those of us that have participated bywatching thank you

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